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Summer 2024

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With the start of the summer holiday season, everyone wants a robust suitcase to withstand the long-haul trip. Granted, looking for something lightweight and fairly bash-proof is what most people have in mind. But what really makes a good suitcase? 

No more than ever, frequent travellers will tell you that a good suitcase is all about maneuverability, durability, and design. Other things to keep in mind include weight, dimensions, and small smart features that allow you to pack more ingeniously. 

Today’s travel industry is filled with creative designs and iconic creations that are both classic and trendy. A few collections have even played around with color, style, and organizational detail. If you want to explore the trendiest limited-edition collections, here are a few options to feast your eyes on.


Have you ever wanted a suitcase inspired by the alluring pastel colours of a cupcake? Fresh from the oven, Monos recently collaborated with New York City’s most popular Magnolia Bakery to create one-of-a-kind iconic collections for the discerning fashionista. Some of its collections include creations with unique pastel colours like banana pudding, purple buttercream, and other stylish pastel hues with a shiny finish. 

Yummy colour coordination is what you are going to get. Add to that sparkling stripped interiors with state-of-the-art features like aerospace-grade polycarbonate hard shells and high-performance 360 spinning wheels. 


With summer’s start, many crave a refreshing smoothie or sherbet ice cream to cool off. If you ever wanted to add a pop of colour to your journey to cool off, Beis has launched a limited-edition collection with tasty hues. Its sherbet collection includes three iconic tasty tones in distinct variations like berry, creamsicle, and citron. It also has a distinct lineup of carry-ons and weekender rolling suitcases in bright, luminous colours inspired by frozen desserts. 


Epitomizing comfort, the Rimowa suitcases are just what you need to pack more without breaking your back. The German brand has designed these custom-made suitcases to carry more of your belongings while featuring a robust bash-proof edifice that’s lightweight. The suitcases come in colour variations like glossy green, grey and black. They don’t draw too much attention to themselves, bearing in mind their price range, yet they are spacious enough to pack all your precious belongings without being overbearing. 


Iconic pop artist Andy Warhol started an art phenomenon that lasted for generations. His renowned prints of Presidents, movie stars, and even soup cans left an indelible mark on the world of pop art. That’s why Bric’s has launched a unique collection that encapsulates the best of his works to celebrate its 70th anniversary. 

The irresistible luggage pieces are proof that art and travel live on and withstand the test of time. In their recent limited-edition collection, Bric has brought to life some of Warhol’s unique and iconic creations, like Marilyn Monroe’s poster image, along with Warhol’s exclusive flower motif. Many of these iconic art creations are featured on trolleys, duffel bags, and hardshell suitcases of varying dimensions and sizes. 


Built for modern travel, Away’s large, limited-edition suitcase is durable, comfortable, and a joy to roll and carry. Ideal for any vacation that’s more than two weeks, the suitcase certainly packs a punch. Durably tested, it features a signature interior compression system that helps you pack, organize, and protect more of your belongings. Other interesting details include an easy-to-use grip top handle, an underside grab handle, and smooth gliding wheels that make it easier to maneuver and lift.


Paying a nod to the past, July has a unique lineup of vintage suitcases and polycarbonate trunks with a unique retro vibe. History has it that the heavy reinforced trunks were designed in such a way to hold months’ worth of belongings and endure long sea journeys and arduous train trips. 

If you would like to pay a nostalgic nod to the past and experience what it is like to carry a vintage piece, July has a unique collection just for you. Featuring moss green, brown, and light grey, the limited-edition heritage trunks are trendy yet glamorous. All their heritage trunks feature a scuff-resistant matte finish, digitized with twin latch locks and silent move wheels with an ejectable power bank. 

David Messiha | Staff Writer

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