The Best Tableware Brands For Your Next Occasion


Summer 2024

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Any occasion can be a reason to bring out the good china. But this short guide will help you pick unique and relevant tableware for any occasion that you may have.  Now and in the future.

Outdoor Dinner Party

As summer starts to kick off,  people will be indulging in more and more outdoor cooking and eating. And what better way to kick off these outdoor bashes than with durable and tasteful tableware and flatware? The right dinner plates and cutlery will not just add glamour to your next outside event, but they will also add a bit of colour and a lot of good vibes. Outdoor grilling and dinner parties are becoming more and more popular, so making sure that all your bases are covered is important. Here are some of my favorite brands and essential items to make your outdoor event a truly memorable one.

Juliska Puro 16 Piece Place Setting – $668.18

Juliska Provence Glass Large Tumbler – $40.23

Robbe and Berking silver cutlery is always a big hit as well. Plus, investing in silver right now may pay off in the long run. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Robbe and Berking – Martelé Barbecue set “Frozen Black” 8 pcs. (925 Sterling Silver) – $2388 Euro

Romantic Dinner

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just want to do something special for your significant other. What better way to express your gratitude to the person who makes your heart skip a beat than to indulge in a romantic dinner with them? Dim the lights, grab some wine, light some candles, and enjoy a romantic evening. Toast to the good the bad and the ugly with the champagne flutes below and enjoy a delicious meal on these beautifully crafted and cute dinner plates below afterward.   

Juliska L’Amour Toujours Dinner Plate – $63.23

Lalique – 100 Points Champagne Flute (230ml) – $258.00

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always fun and celebrating another year of life is a great way to remain thankful for your current circumstances. Children and adults alike can benefit from a well-put-together birthday party. Games and drinks, cake and ice cream, and a lot of fun. The great part is that everyone can get in on the festivities at these types of events. But it’s important to have coordinated tables with the right dinnerware to keep the atmosphere light and vibrant and everyone enjoying themselves.  

Spode Kit Kemp Calypso Collection – prices vary

Blue Pheasant – Sofia 6-Piece Tumbler Glass Set – $189.68

Halloween Party

Even though Halloween is still over four months away, it’s still an occasion that people tend to plan for well in advance. Costumes and scary movies; trick or treating and creepy crawly things. Halloween can be a great time to take your imagination to the next level. Not just by costume designing but also by tableware designing. Halloween allows our inner creativity to get involved in the decorating and designing of our homes and selves. So how about taking your next Halloween party to another level with some of these ideas? They are sure to frighten up at least some compliments.  

Wolf and Badger – Rock and Roll (Skull) Set Of 4 Dinner Plates $521.00

Waterford – 2 Linsmore Large Black Goblets 14 oz. $462.00

Holiday Dinners

With the holiday season always just around the corner, be it Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or Christmas, festive events need to be decorated properly and tastefully. These types of events are generally more themed than others so the possibilities for tableware coordinates are almost limitless but here are some tableware ideas to make your next holiday event one your guests will remember forever.

Lalique Merlot Glass – $450.00 – Thanksgiving

Villeroy and Boch Toy’s Delight 12 Set of Plates – $700.99 – Christmas

Swarovski Crystalline Toasting Flutes (Set of 2) $480.00 – New Year’s Eve

Whatever your next occasion is having the right tableware is important. Ensuring that you feel happy with the overall look and layout of your party can make your event even more enjoyable. Not just for you but for your guests as well.

Meaghan Franchi / Contributing Writer

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