5 Premium DIY Design Tricks to Enhance Your Home

Your home can feel like a revolving door. There are different humans who may fill the space with their energy, and even unusual elements of interior design that are gifted or impulsively bought. This sometimes can turn a humble abode into a not-so-humble one.

For starters, building a solid foundation with decor is a great long-term decision. Neutral or classic palettes are like investing in a good sealant. In this instance, you can focus on the luxury of a little DIY to satisfy the HGTV wannabe within you.

The Bedroom

Canopy-styled framing can substantially elevate a space without promoting any anxious undertones when trying to liven up a small area. It can be paired with warm lighting, cozy throw blankets, and a light- coloured duvet.

Living Area

Artvee is a website that features public domain paintings, drawings, and other images that would look lush printed on deluxe paper.

The platform is super inclusive for personal taste and easy to mix and match when starting your own gallery wall at a fraction of specialty boutique prices. Plus, you can also find exquisite frames from vintage resellers or trade shops.

Powder Room

There is nothing like a trip to the spa. But there should be no reason why you shouldn’t experience the ambiance a little more frequently.

Hot towel steamers are such a unique addition to your bathroom. They can make a massive difference in your environment without overcrowding. Remember to also roll your towels and place them in an organized fashion to really re-create the scene of a beauty club.


In-home mini coffee bars are a lifesaver when it comes to chronic vanilla latte connoisseurs. I mean, how much of your bank account is dedicated to a few treats that turn out to be a hefty amount at the end of each month?

The beauty in this project is the customization factor. You can add chalkboards that feature what you have on your “menu,” a shop name plaque, and a storage rack with all of your favourite syrups and sweeteners.


Now that we have tackled the main design blueprints, it’s time to add a few extra outré touches.

For example, you can create the iconic long-lasting rose box by using faux flowers and a sleek box, fashionable coffee table books from second-hand shops, jars for colourful sweets, and even recreate a vanity mirror TV with a screen projector. Get inspired by New York’s Upper East Side.

In addition, all of these choices have the ability to be placed anywhere in your home and are low-commitment pieces. If we have learned anything, it’s not to put a ring on it too fast — besides, a doorbell.

Sadie Kromm | Contributing Writer

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