Fabulous Canadian Luxury Jewellery Brands You Must Know


Summer 2024

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“The Ecksand Maison” possesses luxurious Canadian craftsmanship and style. They believe jewellery companies have a responsibility, to ensure ethical practices throughout their supply chain. Ecksand calls itself a sanctuary, where time-honoured techniques are used, to transform precious raw materials into everlasting treasures. 

Erica Bianchini, Co-Founder/Creative Director, makes it a priority to eliminate the discrepancy between price and quality, something that’s always been a part of the jewellery industry. She prioritizes transparency. They ethically source quality materials. Each curated stone is carefully checked for authenticity, to ensure Ecksand’s highest standards of quality.

“Angara Fine Jewellery” is an online fine jewellery business, which sells a very large collection. They ship from Vancouver, and their items come with a lifetime warranty. They say each step in the making of their jewellery is carefully handled by them. 

They source every single one of their gemstones sustainably. They cut and polish themselves, with the utmost skill and respect, never forgetting that coloured gemstones and diamonds can take 30 million years to form in the depths of the earth! Then, they handcraft the designs.

“Pyrrha” is a brand which has become a Hollywood favourite, with many celebrities sporting their jewels on the red carpet!  Their collections are imbued with meaning, so they’re personalized.                       

Pyrrha was one of the first producers of the wax seal-style pendant. 

Designer Wing Yau launched “Wwake”, her fine jewellery label, in 2013, and very quickly developed a very devoted fanbase. Her understated opal and diamond pieces gained notoriety. She’s always pushing forward with her style. She has a monolith collection of large-scale pieces, which impresses her.             

Wing Yau was born in Vancouver and is now based in Brooklyn.

“Michael Hill” became the first jeweller to offer customers a Lifetime Diamond Warranty. In 1979, Sir Michael Hill and his wife Christine, opened their first jewellery store, with a groundbreaking vision: to make fine jewellery accessible to everybody! Michael Hill has expanded to over 300 stores, in three countries. They remain committed to creating quality jewellery for clientele to cherish. They are in it “…for love!”

The first store was in Whangarei. Sir Michael wanted to purchase jewellery to be an easy task. He designed stores with larger entrances and modern décor. They invited customers to try the jewellery on!

Michael Hill grew to achieve national prominence, with a unique retail jewellery formula including dramatically different store designs, a product range devoted exclusively to jewellery, and high-impact advertising. Michael Hill established an in-house workshop, with a team of master craftsmen. The company continued to grow, producing celebratory pieces, with a growing emphasis on engagement jewellery.

“Swiss Gallery” is a team of watch enthusiasts who love their work. They have a passion for watches, and they strive to make their customers happy. From watchmakers to marketing specialists, sales consultants to tech engineers, they have experts everywhere, to ensure Swiss Gallery produces amazing customer experiences.

They focus on knowledgeable service, and they consider themselves friendly/approachable. They answer questions and provide requested information.  They consider their process simple, secure, and stress-free!

“FRIDA” feels that jewellery is more than just an accessory. Frida sees it as armour, protection, a means of communication, and transformation.

Carrie Lamb is the owner/designer/founder of Frida. Based in Bishop’s Landing, Nova Scotia, Frida specializes in custom-designed jewellery.                                                                                                         Carrie studied design/marketing in England, and also trained in the fashion industry, under “Jaeger”, in London. She launched her fine jewellery/lifestyle brand 20 years ago.

The collections of FRIDA are more than just stunning custom jewels, made with the finest gems, diamonds, and pearls; Frida has a serious passion for the creative process. Their pieces are handmade, and dedicated to the celebration of individuality, beauty, and the collective strength of women who’ve inspired.

According to Carrie:                                                                                                                                        “In the midst of my darkest time, it was imperative that I find a new path, a new reality, that at some point would transform the fear, (as a consequence of betrayal), into the freedom of a new beginning. Fear can limit and inhibit vision; However, it guided me to reconnect with a passion from my past…creating jewellery on the playgrounds of my childhood…                       

Having the courage to follow one’s intuition is easier when there is little to lose; that said, the journey of reinvention began literally on my living room floor! Surrounded by gems, raw stones, and pearls, I began to create pieces that became the foundation of my first collection, “CARIBOU”.

Do what you love, embrace your passion, and believe in your vision!”

Her unique story is not only inspirational, but it embodies the beauty of individuality and creation, that are a part of every beautiful luxury brand we have presented, in Canada.

Cheryl Struzer | Contributing Writer

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