12 Apps to Help You Manage Chaos at Home


Spring 2024

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Today’s families are busier than ever. While there is Asana and ClickUp to manage your work life, It’s a good thing there are apps to help with family calendars and organizing schedules and events. Generally speaking, these apps help with the management of your home life, including the chaos that comes with everyday home living.

Here are the 12 apps that are set to help you become more organized on the home-front, leading to a more stress-free life for you and your family members.


Cozi allows you to assign a colour to each family member so you can see what activities they are participating in at one glance. The app allows you to manage a variety of tasks and uses notifications to share what’s happening with family members. Cozi also offers spaces to create and share grocery and to-do lists as well as recipes and more. 

FamCal allows you to keep everything—from tasks to notes and calendars—in one place so families can stay connected and up to date with the latest news and events. This app allows you to assign a colour to each family member and is available for children who don’t have an email address. Parents can create to-do lists, share lists and recipes, and assign tasks. There is also a family memo section. 


FamilyWall also allows you to share each other’s schedules in colourful chunks and with kid-friendly illustrations. There is a list feature that gets updated once items have been scratched off and you can track bills and savings, sharing the information with family members. The app also allows you to track family members’ location using real-time location services.

Google Calendar

While many apps allow you to sync your Google Calendar to it, the tech giant’s calendar feature itself offers a number of ways to organize your life including adding tasks, linking Facebook events, and setting reminders. You can schedule video meetings right from the calendar.


TimeTree helps families keep all their communications in the same space. The communication tool allows you to create multiple calendars and then notifies users of changes. The app also offers messaging, photo sharing and more. 

Now that the family is organized, it’s time to schedule some time for chores.  


The OurHome app turns emptying the dishwasher, feeding the cat and even practicing piano into a game. Parents offer points for each chore, then assign one or more children to complete the task to claim the points. Parents can schedule the chores, send messages and reminders and sync everything across multiple devices. Kids can then cash in their points for items approved by their parents. There is a calendar function to enter events. 


This app not only tracks how clean your house is, but offers suggestions on what to clean next and when based on your availability. The whole family can get on the cleaning action, by adding their names and competing for top spots on the leaderboard. Parents can manually approve the chores children do and reward them points. 

Busy parents are often making lists. With the app, it’s unlikely you’ll leave your list behind.

Lists To-Do

The best part of writing a list is scratching things off. Lists To-Do deletes completed tasks immediately, sorts lists by uncompleted tasks, keeps checked items at the bottom, pins lists and offers a universal search to find your lists. Lists can be sorted in various ways including by date created or alphabetically. 

Now what should you make for dinner?

Meal Time Planner

This app allows you to plan out your meals for a week with more than 200 options from vegetarian to classic. Recipes within the app are easy to make with ingredients and cookware readily available. Recipes take about 30 minutes to make. The app helps you keep a grocery list, tracks nutritional goals and more.

Recipe Keeper

There is nothing worse than finding a family friendly recipe online, but then not being able to find it again later. The Recipe Keeper allows you to save all your favourite recipes—from online and print—in the app, which can be used on and offline. The app helps you organize your recipes the way you want, add things to your shopping list and meal plan. 

Prices are rising. Now is the perfect time to learn how to save more.


This budgeting app allows you to link your various accounts, from cash to credit cards, investments and bills, and track where your money is going so you find ways to save.


The money management system taught in the YNAB app helps you grow your savings by giving each dollar earned a purpose. You can add your accounts and expenses in the app then create and share a flexible budget to help start saving.

Family life is made up of very busy scenarios, but these 12 apps will help you better manage the chaos at home.

Lisa Day | Contributing Writer

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