Benefits of Renting Clothes


Summer 2024

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From weddings and maternity photoshoots to high-end parties, there are many special occasions where people may want to dress up but don’t want the cost associated with finding the perfect outfit — which is where clothing rentals come in. While not a new thing (some of Canada’s women’s clothing rental locations have been open for more than a decade), up until recently, there was a stigma associated with renting clothes. But with sustainability on people’s minds, now is the time to embrace clothing rentals, especially for those special occasions. Here are five reasons why you should consider renting your next outfit for a special event.


Many people are trying to reduce their environmental footprint. According to Advanced Waste Solutions, the average Canadian throws away about 37 kilograms (about 81 pounds) of textiles a year. By renting clothing, especially for special occasions, people are doing their part by buying less and reusing existing items. As clothing items are dry-cleaned between use, people should consider wearing garments multiple times, choosing sustainable brands, and shopping local. Last year, Your Favourite Dresses reduced its packaging waste and made its tissue and stickers compostable. Dresst uses an environmentally friendly dry-cleaning service. 


Those dresses worn for special occasions are expensive to buy and, no matter how good your intention, often don’t get worn more than once. By renting clothing for special occasions, women can wear brand-name dresses at a fraction of the cost. At Athena Dress Rental, people can rent long-train dresses for engagement and maternity shoots or other special occasions.


While there are seasonless clothing (pieces that can be worn year-round), many women like to purchase multiple new items every season. Clothing rentals such as Sprout Collection offers everyday wear (plus maternity clothing) by well-known brands. Women can change their wardrobes as often as their subscription allows, meaning they always have something new to wear. 


Women often turn to their usual style when shopping from fear of trying something new and then being stuck with an item they don’t like after a couple of wears. With clothing rentals, women can rent something they may not usually wear, knowing that they can send it back after a month or so. Goodbye, buyer’s remorse! At Beyond the Runway, you can get various pieces from jumpsuits to cardigans, while at Fitzroy Rentals, you can check out Canadian designers.

Saving Laundry and Time

Unless renting everyday attire or items for a long time, most clothing rental companies encourage people not to wash their garments. The company will wash items and ensure they are COVID-safe before sending them off to the next person. 

Renting clothing means self-proclaimed shopaholics can enjoy fashionable wardrobes for special occasions and everyday wear while they save time and money.

Lisa Day | Contributing Writer

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