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Spring 2024

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After missing out on Pride events for two years straight, the 2SLGBTQ+ community and their allies are rejoicing in the fact that the pandemic’s slowdown brought Pride back this year! To commemorate Pride Month, Elixuer will look at some of Toronto’s fashionable drag queens and tell you where they’ll be performing this Pride if you’re looking for a show! 

Queen Priyanka

The energetic Queen Priyanka, 2020 winner of Canada’s Drag Race, typically entertains crowds at Crews and Tangos or Garage on Church Street. You might also recognize her from the Canadian Country Music Awards, which she hosted, and Elle Canada — where she became the first drag queen to grace the magazine’s cover! This multitalented, pop star-level sensation is also a singer, having come out with an EP titled Taste Test

Queen Priyanka loves tight-fitting bodysuits. Bedazzled attire defines her sparkling, unique persona and attitude. Most often, her blinged out accessories complement her sequin gowns. Queen Priyanka also brings a personalized flair to her own traditional attire from time to time, reflecting her Indo-Guyanese roots and her inner diva. 

This dynamic diva can be easily spotted while hosting Pride Parade on June 26. Queen Priyanka will also be performing at the TD Main Stage later that day at 9:30 p.m. 

Jada “Shada” Hudson

Toronto’s self-titled Turnup Queen is fun, fierce, and unapologetically real. Jada “Shada” Hudson can lip sync, dance, and even offer confidence-boosting advice. Jada performs mainly at Garage for her “Don’t Wing It, Wig It” events. However, she also does events all around the GTA. Originally from Barbados, the Bajan queen brings her loud and proud persona everywhere she goes. 

Jada is a mixture of glam R&B diva and Caribbean goddess. You’ll often see her adorned in gold jewellery such as large hoops or necklaces with chunky loops or brilliant pendants. She experiments with vibrant, bold colours — especially when it comes to her wigs. She can be a high fashion queen or urban funk diva, depending on her mood. 

Like Queen Priyanka, Jada will be partying it up at multiple Pride events. The first event will be Pride Palooza, a huge outdoor drag lunch  on the June 18. The second event is the Til Sunset: The Jam Down at Toronto Island’s Gibraltar Point on June 19 from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sofonda Cox

Sofonda Cox can do it all. As she puts it, she is a chameleon. Anytime she performs, she pulls out all the stops and can easily take on any singer’s persona. Her Beyoncé performance videos are worth every minute of time spent watching them! This ability to change is also reflected in her style.  

Sofonda does just about everything when it comes to style. Adventurous with her hairpieces, Sofonda can easily rock a bold-looking wig or go without one and still look spectacular. Sofonda loves a good theme. She could be a fantasy princess, warrior queen, or a fabulous glam doll. 

If you missed out seeing Sofonda for her Birthday Bash event on June 11, you can catch her next event hosting King & Queens: An Open Drag King & Queen Night on June 17 and 18. 

Erin Brockobić

If you’re into stimulating, witty banter, look for Erin Brockobić at Glad Day Bookshop on Church Street. During her “Sippin’ T with Erin B” events, Erin will be lip syncing, dancing, and making you split your sides with her comedic performances. Erin also enjoys building an immediate connection with her enthusiastic on-lookers. Providing them a colourful, entertaining escape from an otherwise mundane day brings her delight.  

Erin Brockobić often styles herself as an ‘80s businesswoman with Eastern European roots. Her inspiration comes from her mother and her heritage, having always admired her Serbian mother’s looks and style from the ‘80s. Erin is also a lover of Lucinda Miu fashion and enjoys accessorizing with Nina Spade items. 

With a background in teaching, Erin partnered up with another glamourous queen to co-host the Toronto Zoo Drag Queen Storytime event on June 11. You can catch her next at Pride Palooza alongside Jada and a few other GTA queens on June 18!  

For information on tickets and pricing of these events, head over to Pride Toronto’s main site. 

Tashon Daley | Staff Writer

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