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Summer 2024

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Summer 2024 is predicted to be the season for bold eye colour to make a comeback if judging by current fashion shows and events. It’s safe to say then that the colours for the usual eye makeup like eyeliners, eye shadows, and mascaras are going to be in the range of super colourful. From frosting, to smoky, to underpainting (underneath the eye painting), to blush, to colour pops, not forgetting glitter; all looks will involve layering the eyes with loads of bright fun colours. So, if you’re looking to make a bold statement with your eyes this summer (as you should), these looks aided with pops of colours are bound to help you along!

Edgy Glam

This bold look always screams edginess reminiscent of that of a rockstar. If that’s what you’re going for, instead of the usual black, why not experiment with a coloured eyeliner. Also, apply this to your upper eyelash line for a popping effect. You’re sure to get second looks of admiration with this look. 

Bright and colourful 

Eyeshadows in the following shades and methods are your best bet for bright and colourful eyes this summer – soft shades of pastels in lavender or pink, a blend of multiple colours for effect, glossy eyes involving applying lip gloss on the eyelids, and glitter shimmer, which is a perfect combo of glitter and mascara. There’s also the ever evolving floral colour to make a bold eye statement by creating pretty flower designs using different shades of eyeshadow. 


To achieve the perfect smoky eye look, filling your brows to appear bolder and highlighting the eyes with coloured eyeliners rather than the usual black, will undoubtedly add extra pops of colour to the eyes. This look can be worn at any time of the day or event.

Some Makeup experts advise that bold eye colours are best combined with the appropriate skin tone and eye colour to get the maximum effect. This brings us to shades and how to make the perfect choice for different skin tone and eye colour. 


Blue Eyes: Lavender or very soft blue is perfect for people with fair skin and blue eye colour. This is largely due to lavender being in a shade family with blue components (lavender plant itself has blue-violet flowers and blue-green foliage), as such, can act as a complementary component of bold eye colours alongside a fair skin tone.  

Green Eyes: acting as an eye brightener, soft rose colour will appear bold in layers underneath and over the eyelid, making any green eyes pop on a fair skin.

Hazel: violet is the perfect bright colour choice this summer for hazel-coloured eyes on a fair skin tone. Try out eye shadows and eyeliners in shades of violet for best result for bold and colourful eyes.

Brown Eyes: you can never go wrong with rose gold and champagne pink over brown eyes. These colours can be worn combined or separately as desired. The result is always magical.


Blue: Emerald hues will make your blue eyes pop even more over your dark skin. Layer it with eye shadow and a combination of eyeliners for best result. 

Green: for green eyes on dark skin tone, eggplant-coloured eye makeup will serve you best for a bold pop of eye colour. This red undertone shade will redefine your skin tone as the perfect complimentary colour for your eye colour. Try this out as you yearn to make a bold statement with your eyes this summer.

Hazel: a combination of yellow or gold colour eye makeup over hazel eyes with dark skin tone is bound to turn heads! Eye shadows, and liners, even glitter in either colour will produce golden flecks all over your eyes and face! 

Brown: emerald green is your best bet as it’ll contrast nicely on your brown eyes and skin tone. Wild green and mint are accompanying shades to help you achieve the ultimate bold eye if you’re looking for alternatives.


Blue eyes – turquoise will bring out the best hues out of blue eyes on olive skin tone. 

Green: Plum colour eyeshadow and liner will ensure that your green eyes and olive skin tone bring out the best of each other while making you stand out in the crowd. 

Hazel: look no further than khaki-green as your bold eye colour this summer if you have olive skin tone and your eye colour is hazel. Trust us on this!

Brown: for brown eyes and olive skin tone, try out the royalty of colours – purple for the perfect combination of bold eyes this summer and beyond. 

Gladys Christian | Staff Writer

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