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Spring 2024

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We’re still learning how the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed our lives, but one of the most direct impacts of the pandemic is its effect on our relationships and social interactions. The early days of quarantine saw a spike in divorces and break-ups, and in general the virus made many young people socially awkward.  Even if you’ve retained your pre-COVID charm, people searching for love agree that dating has just gotten harder since COVID. As the “new normal” continues to get even further tech driven, it has become more difficult to just meet someone.

There was a period in the early aughts when the notion of using a dating app was frowned upon.  If you did, you certainly didn’t tell your friends. The simplicity and popularity of Tinder (dating app) changed that. Plus, going the paid route to find online connections has allowed those searching for love to take control of their circumstances. Dating apps also carry the risk of the paradox of choice, where having too many options can make you indecisive. The digital landscape of the dating world might be too overwhelming to properly navigate. It may help to have some actual human connection in your journey.

That’s one of the key benefits of using a matchmaker. For if stigmas have truly been done away with regarding dating apps, surely society can value a tradition whose history goes back and is considered a time-honoured tradition in some cultures.  Elsewhere in our lives, friends are always attempting to play matchmaker, but having an agenda regarding who you end up with doesn’t necessarily suit your own needs. It might be helpful to collaborate with a professional matchmaker.

Matchmakers Correct Much of What Dating Apps Complicate

There’s no shortage of complaints from the dating app community. People often have a wonderful  conversation with someone online, but nearly a quarter of online daters eventually get ghosted. Even more concerning is the stunning lack of transparency — some of the photos on your matches profiles may be more than ten years old, and that’s if you have matches that you want to explore. 

Matchmaking takes some of the unreliability out of the dating process, with a team that stays on top of scheduling. The extensive interview process eliminates those looking for something more casual. Matchmakers insist on taking photos of their clients themselves, ensuring they are recent and updated. Concerns about ghosting can also be quelled, as matchmaking encourages honest feedback. Finally, having a third party with knowledge of where the date will take place, as well as some background on the attendees, ensures safety in a way no dating app can. 

You’ll Meet People Out of Your Social Circle

The digital landscape has erased the notion of having a work-life balance.  Much of what you do bleeds into your personal life, as do the same people. While dating apps can certainly broaden your outreach in the dating world, algorithms are still not the best tools to select your matches. Machines only work off the information they are given. A matchmaker, conversely, can broaden your dating pool in ways a friend or an algorithm can’t. Having a neutral partner in your quest for love is more helpful.

It’s Never Fun Going Through Dating Alone

Dating can be a daunting process, particularly if you’ve been out of practice. Encouragement from friends is always welcomed, nevertheless a professional matchmaker can empower you to get back out there with more direction. The extensive interview process can go into honest, even painful territory, but it is designed to identify what you really want.

You’ll Learn to Date Better

Undoubtedly, dating and relationships require effort. A study by Science Daily revealed that relationships have a better chance of thriving when both parties are emotionally ready. That is why over 60 per cent of matchmakers employ a dating coach and insist that you log a certain number of hours with them. Coaches can work with you to break any bad dating habits they recognize. 

Any stigmas regarding matchmaking can be quelled, The Bevy matchmaking service for example, happily claims a 95 per cent success rate. There are several alternatives for those questioning the concept of collaborating with a matchmaker. For example, Ontario regularly hosts events for singles. Others might want to experiment with the time-honoured practice of just going out. 

Kenny Hedges | Contributing Writer

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