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Summer 2024

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The horoscope never fails to lose its popularity, with many checking it daily to find out what today has in store for them. With plenty of features that determine things like your compatibility with your partner or the impending state of your finances, it’s easy to see why people study their zodiac signs religiously. 

A cosmetics line decided to jump in and dedicate its brand to the signs — Zodiac Cosmetics is a makeup line with an astrology theme. There are 12 eyeshadow palettes corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs, each with 12 shades. Each pigment, or shade, comes with a unique name related to the characteristics of the sign. 

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Courtesy of Zodiac Cosmetics

The Pisces palette reflects inner radiance. The pale blue “Dreamer” shade complements the white shimmery “Gentle” shade. “Dreamer” can be applied to the lid, followed by a dab of “Gentle” in the centre. Adding a darker colour to the deep crease, like the teal of “Imagine,” would round off the look. 

This style would serve to reflect the ethereal spirit of the Pisces. Variants of green also reflect the planet Neptune that rules this sign. A nice, glittery colour like golden “Money” or sandy “Faith” could go well with “Imagine” for a sea goddess-inspired, glam look. 

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Courtesy of Zodiac Cosmetics

Another remarkable palette is the Aries one, featuring fiery colours like brilliant orange, yellow, and red befitting the strength, passion, and ambition of an Aries. To make a bold statement, add rich, red hues like “Temper” to the middle lid with a touch of goldenrod “Attention” on the inner corner. 

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Courtesy of Zodiac Cosmetics

The Virgo palette, much like the sign, is a beautiful contradiction represented in contrasting hues. Compassion represents the Virgo through the shade “Sweet.” “Triumph” is a loud, vibrant colour that symbolizes the Virgo’s drive to be the best at what they do. This shade can be applied to the inner lid and lightly over the upper lid. “Sweet” would pop better when used on the middle lid. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to your sign in search of a zodiac palette. Instead, you may choose the element-based palettes — air, fire, earth or water — associated with your sign. 

If you’re into that classic look, the Fire Element liquid matte lipstick bundle features two prominent reds and a bright pink. The “Aries” is the brightest of the lipstick colours, followed by the darker red “Sagittarius”.  “Leo” is represented by a pale pink colour that could work well with brighter palette shades.  

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Courtesy of Zodiac Cosmetics

The beauty of Zodiac Cosmetics lies in the ability it presents to you to express your identity. Whether or not you believe in astrology, the palettes offer you a chance to redefine yourself creatively.

Tashon Daley | Contributing Writer

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