Summertime Style Staples from Chiara Ferragni


Spring 2024

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International “it” girl Chiara Ferragni’s first claim to fame was through her world-famous fashion blog The Blonde Salad, but she quickly grew into a multi-hyphenate as a model, TV personality, and designer, launching the Chiara Ferragni Collection in 2013. Today, her popular blog remains active while her Instagram followers are 27 million strong. 

On social media, the willowy blonde shares her life as a busy, young mom with endless pictures of her kids, Leone and Vittoria, and rapper husband, Fedez. Meanwhile, the Chiara Ferragni Collection has grown from a footwear line into a comprehensive brand that sells clothes, makeup, jewelry, and even children’s furniture adorned with the signature blue eye logo. 

The uber-influencer and businesswoman has become the template many social media mavens and fashionistas wish to copy, but if you’re looking to add just a little Chiara-style to your wardrobe, here are a few bits of inspiration you can try (and sometimes DIY!).

Crochet All Day

Breezy knits with kitschy designs are a fun choice as the weather gets warmer. Lean into the hippie-chic look with floral hair accessories and braided locks. Faded and flared jeans are also a must. This style can be easily thrifted or, if you’re especially crafty, DIY-ed. Cover up large holes or loose weaves with iron-on patches if you want a more modest look.

Underwear as Outerwear

A particularly daring outfit, the black-tie bandeau works well paired with a conservative long skirt and gloves. Not everyone can afford custom Miu Miu, but you can  recreate the look by making sure there is a consistent element like a monochrome palette or crystals encrusted in everything; this will help you look like you picked your outfit deliberately and not like you forgot your shirt at home.

Bold Colours

Not quite neon but a head-to-toe bright and bold outfit is a real statement look. Embrace your favourite candy-coloured hue (or at least the one that best flatters your skin tone) with makeup, stilettoes, and accessories in the same colour (or ones in the same colour family). Then, go forth and strut your stuff!

Tie-Dye Loungewear

Many brands have started selling tie-dye sweatshirt and sweatpants combos, but this look can easily be customized at home with a DIY kit and a matching set in white. Avoid the lurid, rainbow look of yesteryear and go with pretty pastels. Chiara adds her own fun, branded patches to the look, which can also be achieved with iron-on patches. 

Brand Recognition

Sure, Chiara gets full access to Fendi and Versace collab, Fendace, a swap that — no offense —no one asked for. Nonetheless, Chiara’s bag collection is generally pretty envy-inducing. Supplied with seemingly endless Dior bags — as well as dresses for her wedding in 2018, Chiara is a proud proponent of the brand. Take a page from her book and let the name speak for itself while the rest of the outfit complements the star item of clothing.

Signature Piece

Chiara is often seen with her signature cross necklace. Find a favourite accessory and commit to wearing it all the time. Invest in a piece that won’t tarnish or become passé after one season. Ideally, it should be something that is not too big and can go with other pieces of jewellery and various outfits. Pendant necklaces or statement rings are possible options.

Rose Ho | Editorial Writer

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