10 Best Luxury Watches for Women


Spring 2024

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Let’s face it, most of us are guilty of having our smartphones glued to us at all times. For that reason, it’s fair to assume that watches have lost their practicality. We see it differently. Watches have evolved to become more than just practical timekeeping devices. They serve as a powerful fashion statement and a symbol of sophistication. Renowned luxury brands like Tiffany, Rolex, and Versace have embraced this shift, offering timeless designs that exude class and elegance. 

These ten luxury watches are a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. With prices ranging from $480 to $12,900, styles of sleek to bold, and hues of blue, pink, green, and more, these watches cater to the diverse preferences of women. 


The Tiffany HardWear watch in Sterling Silver and Steel with Diamonds is $4,950 CAD. This statement watch is handcrafted in Switzerland with a sterling silver bracelet and a stainless-steel case with diamonds.  

Another Tiffany favourite is this 2-Hand 24mm Watch for $8,300 CAD. This watch is designed in stainless steel and is accented with refined diamonds. The roman numerals keep the classy, yet timeless, aesthetic. 

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The Bay

The Bay’s Ceramic Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch is a tad more affordable, starting at $807.50 while still incorporating crystals in the set and pave dot to provide that element of extravagance. This watch is from the Movado Bold Ceramic Collection. The centre links are a beautiful blush, matching the hands on the dial. 

Saks Fifth Avenue

Nothing says luxury like Versace! This Ion-Plated Gold tone Leather Strap Watch is $1,162. Its unique rectangular frame in combination with the bold red leather strap sets it apart from all other watches. And if that’s not enough, the Greca style on the side of the frame adds another element of prestige, making this the watch that won’t go unnoticed. 

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This Versace Medusa Goldstone Stainless Steel & Leather Strap Watch is $1,502. Similarly, this Switzerland-made watch contains a gold tone stainless steel case with a navy leather strap. This intricate accessory is sure to be a conversation starter as it embraces a key icon in Ancient Greek Mythology, by putting the head of Medusa, at it’s centre. 

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The Ballon Blanc De Cartier Watch is in an 18K rose gold case with an alligator-skin strap. It includes roman numerals and a sapphire crystal for $12,900. 


Swarovski’ Octagon cut; stainless steel bracelet watch is $580. This stunning watch-bracelet combination elevates any look. Whether it be paired with office attire or an evening dress, the octagon cut crystals combined with a stainless-steel finish exudes class. Plus, it comes in many different colours. 

The Swarvoski Crystalline Delight Watch costs $480 and contains around 1,000 crystals in it. The touch of rose gold is perfect for dressing up any outfit.

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The Datejust 31 watch retails for $8,550 and features a jubilee bracelet, a pink dial, and an oyster steel case. Oyster steel maintains its quality and is resistant to corrosion. You aren’t just paying for the sleek look or the brand name, but you are also paying for exceptional, long-lasting quality. 

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This Rolex is called “The Day-Date 36” and is rose gold with a green aventurine quartz dial and a president bracelet. If you are looking for something truly elegant, this price for this showstopper is available upon request.  

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Jackie Marson | Contributing Writer

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