8 Products to Pamper Yourself and Relieve Stress


Summer 2024

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When you are stressed out, oftentimes, the last thing you could ever think about is pampering yourself. Nevertheless, the relevance of self care is fully justified. If you don’t take care of yourself, you increase your daily stressors, and taking care of those near and dear to you becomes even more challenging. 

Although you might not be able to treat yourself to a weeklong spa experience, you could always include a few products in your beauty or relaxation regimen to pamper yourself or your loved ones. Here is a selection of stress-busting products to help you relax and unwind. 

Organic Lavender Sea Therapy Bath

No one can dispute lavender’s soothing properties; a warm bath with the Organic Lavender Sea Therapy bath soap can soothe your body and aching muscles. Made of relaxing bath salts with pure crystallized kelp, it replenishes and detoxifies the body. The crisp floral scent of lavender floods the senses, and the organic seaweed hydrates the body with a mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. 

TruMedic TruShiatsu Pro Foot Massager Machine

Your feet need a break, especially if you stand or sit for a long time. The truMedic truShiatsu massager makes any day feel like a spa day. Equipped with high-quality relaxing foot massage technology, it allows you to customize each foot massage to your preference with three distinct intensity and heat settings. The massager is ergonomically designed to fit the structure of your foot for optimal relaxation. 

French Lavender Whipped Body Butter

A jar of cream and lavender oil

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After a relaxing massage or bath, lock in the hydration with this deeply moisturizing body butter. Made of a base of water-rich Aloe Vera and soothing rose hydrosol, it nourishes the driest skin. Other ingredients like cocoa butter, avocado butter, and blackcurrant oil coat the skin with moisture and help it fortify its lipid barrier to relieve dry, itchy skin. 

Chai box set

A round container with spices and herbs in it

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Composed of seven containers, each with special tea blends, the chai box also includes four main spices like cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, and clove. This set not only curates a uniquely crafted cup of tea but also helps you relax. The traditional spiced chai infusions and floral mixes are great for a restful night’s sleep. 

Salon Sundry Portable Paraffin Wax Bath

A white and silver yogurt maker

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If your hand or foot is in pain, a paraffin wax bath could be your remedy for relief. The Salon Sundry Paraffin Wax Bath allows you to immerse small joints like elbows, knuckles, and dry arthritic prone areas into warm wax to hydrate and heal. The machine features variable temperature controls that allow you to customize the desired temperature for a comfortable spa experience. A see-through plastic cover lets you monitor the wax meltdown, and is complemented by an illuminated temperature display. 

Wthn Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

A rug on a rug

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If you experience chronic neck, back, or body pain, the acupressure mat can relieve stress. The mat features raised nubs along with gentle stimulators that activate points across the body to boost deep relaxation. The mat is made of fine linen filled with coconut fiber. It can relieve headaches, promote better circulation, and give you a more restful night’s sleep. The set includes an on-the-go carrying case for travel. 

Acoustic SleepPhones Wireless Sleep Headphones

A headband with a person in the background

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If you like to listen to music while resting in bed, the sleep headband headphones offer state-of-the-art sound in different sizes and fabrics. The user-friendly cord-free headband headphones are ideal for sleep, travel, or leisure. They come in two headband fabrics, fleece and breeze. The fleece headband is super soft, luxurious, and warm, ideal for relaxing in winter. The breeze headband is made of moisture-wicking material, ideal for workouts, running, and exercises. 


A group of women smiling and holding pink objects

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Powered by ultrasonic technology, this device unclogs pores and helps infuse your favourite skincare regimen for a healthy glow. Featuring two modes, extract and infuse, it utilizes ultrasonic waves to loosen dirt, oil, and unclog pores. The extract mode removes blackheads and clogged-up pores, and the infuse mode boosts penetration of your favourite skincare treatments for a relaxing experience that increases absorption. 

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

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