Katie Cung’s Style Elements to Amp Up Your Fashion Game


Summer 2024

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Katie Cung is a Montreal-based nurse, blogger (Behind the Bangs), and style influencer with 80,000-plus followers. Her Instagram feed is full of interior shots of her calm and cozy living room, streetwear outfit poses, and flatlays from cafes around the city. Her French-inspired aesthetic is classic, feminine, and unfussy. Clean-cut and beautiful dresses, oversized jackets, drapey-yet-structured tops, and minimal accessories are her staples. Take some style-inspiration from Katie with our suggestions below: 

Brown Tones

Lean fully into brown-on-brown outfits. From beige to caramel or dark chocolate, brown is an underrated neutral that always looks flattering. Plus, when it comes to athleisure, black leggings have been done to death, so try out a different colour for a sleek, semi-nude look.

Cozy Textures

Pile on the plush! Wrap yourself up in luxurious textures when lounging after work. Think cashmere, merino, fleece, and whatever teddy bears are made of. Oversized sweaters and wide-legged pants are the way to go with thick, soft fabrics for the ultimate levels of at-home comfort. Top things off with your favourite chain necklaces or bracelets.

Chunky Platforms

For the quintessential schoolgirl look, go for chunky, black shoes with an extra thick sole and white knit socks. Let your legs take centre stage with a high-waisted mini skirt. Make sure your jacket’s hem is the same length as the skirt or try an extra long jacket that can function like a dress when fastened. 

Chic Accessories

Try matching your mask to your outfit. Just one pop of colour can act as a flourish against an outfit with a pastel or neutral palette. Or find a large hair clip with a fun pattern (wide stripes, tortoiseshell, or houndstooth are classics) to keep your hair out of your eyes and away from your lip gloss while still adding visual interest.

Vintage Summer

A straw hat and summer dress combo is a throwback look that everyone loves. Especially in a cheery gingham pattern! Tune into the vintage vibes with a pair of classic shoes: spotless white sneakers, patent leather Mary Janes, or floral ballet flats are all great options.

Blue Jeans

Shed your everyday skinnies for wide-legged options or boho flare. Effortless and never out of style, classic denim in a faded wash can be dressed up or down. The best part is that countless options can be found while thrifting, which has the added benefit of being sustainable and affordable!

Play with Proportions

Wear a crop top with high-waisted skirts. You can turn a regular sweater into a pseudo-crop top by tucking the hem into a smaller, fitted shirt underneath. Pair with a long, lightweight skirt for textural contrast.

Rose Ho | Staff Writer

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