7 Bang Styles That Are Making a Comeback


Spring 2024

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You might be looking to change your current hairstyle. Short of putting in extra layers, adding bangs could be the key to revolutionizing your appearance. However, deciding what style of bangs to pick can seem overwhelming. There are so many options. Where do you even begin? You could turn to styles of the past. A lot of these vintage looks have not lost their charm as time has passed. Check out this handful of classic bang styles that are still in fashion today.

  1. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs sound exactly like what they are. They’re bangs that have a curtain-like appearance. Parted in the middle, they frame the eyes or face with soft tendrils.

These bangs were popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s when actresses like Brigitte Bardot and Farrah Fawcett rocked them. But lately curtain bangs have been making a comeback. This style of bang is revered for its flexibility—they can be any length to flatter any person—and ease of care. 

  1. Baby Bangs

Baby bangs end far above the eyebrows, giving the wearer an edgy look that stands out in the crowd of longer bangs. Baby bangs go back as far as the 1930s and resurged in the ‘50s when Audrey Hepburn popularized them again.

Nowadays baby bangs are back on the scene for people looking to make a bold change. They can be flowy and textured or blunt, but must always be short enough to make a statement.

  1. Side Bangs

Side bangs were all the rage in the early 2000s, seen on dozens of celebrities and teenagers alike. Some side bangs swept across the forehead from somewhere close to the centre and others swooped over the whole forehead from one side of the hairline to the other, all variations ending by either of the ears.

Because side bangs typically run long, they’re known for falling into wearers’ eyes. The solution would be to clip them to the side of the hair, for a more polished look.

Both loose side bangs and clipped side bangs have been back lately. They’re appreciated for suiting any length of hair and being flattering with lots of face shapes. They fit with plenty of people’s styles too, from alternative to preppy.

  1. Shaggy Bangs

The shag is an old hairstyle dating back to the ‘70s. The shag hinges on its abundance of layers, leading to a wild, voluminous style that screams rockstar.

The same haircut can be copied exclusively on bangs. People hoping for low-maintenance bangs with plenty of character might choose shag bangs. A shag style can also add volume to thinner hair.

  1. Thick Blunt Bangs

Thick bangs with a sharp edge were the frequent star of a haircut in the ‘70s, but they’ve made their returns over time. Thick bangs are the perfect match for anyone who wants their bangs to be the centrepiece of their hairstyle. Superstar Cher has gone with thick blunt bangs many times, and they have contributed to her iconic look.

There’s nothing feathery, soft, or light about this style of bangs. They overtake the entire forehead, usually skimming the eyelids, in a dense single layer of hair that ends in a straight, clean edge. 

  1. Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs, like curtain bangs, are another style of bangs named after the everyday object they resemble. Bottleneck bangs start narrow at the top of the head and gradually widen as they approach the eyes, resembling a bottle. Once they get to the eyes, longer strands come down and frame the cheekbones.

Going from narrow to wide can often give the bangs a circular appearance, but the bangs are cut thin enough to offer some flexibility and versatility in the way they are shaped. They may even be parted in the middle and switched to curtain bangs as they grow.

  1. French Bangs

English-French singer, Jane Birkin, popularized the French-style bangs in the 70s when she made them part of her signature look. These bangs share some of the characteristics of curtain bangs, but tend to be even choppier, so that they part in multiple places instead of only the centre.

The secret to French bangs is…the more disheveled, the better. Wearers of French bangs don’t mind if they get long, because the longer the bangs, the easier it is to achieve the expected feathery, bedhead look. French bangs are designed to be comfortable and low maintenance. A tousled look is not only accepted, but highly encouraged.

Luke Miles | Contributing Writer

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