6 of the World’s Best Luxury Casinos 


Summer 2024

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If you’re into the luxury travel life, then you might be familiar with the glitz and glamour associated with casinos and their often adjoining hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Not all who visit casinos are gamblers, as casinos are essentially a luxury form of relaxation for many folks who visit the facilities for entertainment, and a means of escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Here’s our list of the world’s most luxurious casinos and what they are all about. Next time you’re in any of the listed locations, do yourself a favour and pay these spots a visit and revel in the spell-binding beauty. However, if you’re into gambling and your interest is to visit these spots for something other than sightseeing, then let’s remind you that gambling can be addictive and involves risk. Enjoy!

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Mónaco

The first on our list is the Casino de Monte-Carlo. This exquisite casino is adjoined to the palatial Hotel de Paris by a staircase. You can enjoy views of the casino from the hotel and vice versa. There are several restaurants and bars on the premises to indulge in. If gambling is your thing, there is a wide variety of casino and table games offered at the casino, such as blackjack, English and French roulette, and, of course, slot machines—which are available in two different rooms, among others. Other fun activities to indulge in is a tour of the Jewellers’ Courtyard where you’re assured the time of your life as you feast your eye, and, of course, part with some spectacular pieces of jewellery. For a full-time experience, you can equally tour the wine cellar of the adjoining Hotel de Paris and enjoy their wine offerings, plus there’s a spa for that ultimate luxury relaxation. 

Sun City Casino, South Africa

There’s no mention of luxury casinos without Sun City. Situated in the Northwest Province of the country (about a little over two hours’ drive from the metropolitan city of Johannesburg) is this sprawling location. Sun City Casino is located in the Sun City Resort, and as such, houses many fun-themed activities besides the casino. There is the Palace of the Lost City, which is the grand hotel. There is also the valley of the waves, which is a manmade beach-like waterpark with waves like the real thing. Other places to explore include the restaurants, bars, massive pool, and the pool deck. You can also zipline over the resort’s landscape. There are many shops displaying various African apparels and artifacts to explore as well. For gambling enthusiasts, gambling activities are available around the clock, and the casino has a variety of table games, a private area for high rollers, and, of course, slot machines. Plus, it’s a few steps away from the restaurants, where you can indulge in a delicious meal after a spectacular win. 

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino, Puerto Rico

The San Juan Casino is located on the 8-acre premises of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. This luxurious casino overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, from which some of the most spell-binding views of the ocean can be seen. Featuring a variety of casino games, the casino boasts let-it-ride, mini-baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and a host of others. There are also a significant number of slot machines for the fortune-hungry guests. 

Wynn Las Vegas

A large building with Wynn Las Vegas in the background

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The luxurious Wynn Las Vegas is located in the infamous “sin city” with its famous bright neon lights. The casino is located in the 5-star hotel of the same name, which boasts some of the most lavishly furnished suites and rooms. On the grounds of the hotel and casino premises are a variety of entertainment activities to engage in, including a nightclub, beach club, and a number of swimming pools. There are also live performances to enthrall with the best musical display and renditions. Various restaurants are scattered around the premises, where a selection of dishes from different parts of the world are on offer—from which you can enjoy the best Japanese, Mexican, Italian and Chinese cuisine while enjoying the views of the lake and waterfalls. There’s also the dreamy architecture and surrounding flowered-and artwork-laden galleries to take in. The casino itself has gaming tables for roulette and blackjack, a poker room, and over a thousand slot machines for gamblers of all levels. 

Venetian Macao

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The Venetian is located in the Macau Casino Resort. Its décor theme is Venice-inspired, which includes waterways with gondola rides, as a way of transporting guests to Italy. For accommodation, the resort hotel has suites for guests who want to stay overnight. Guests can also indulge in shopping sprees at the variety of shops on the premises, with many of them surrounding the water. Other amenities on ground include a fitness centre, golf course, play place for children including water slides, a spa, and a number of outdoor swimming pools. The casino itself is divided into four parts, each part having specific themes. The casino boasts gaming tables of over 800 in number, with some made available for designated guests at the exclusive Paiza Club. Additionally, there are over 300 slot machines for the more serious gamblers. The restaurants scattered around the hotel premises are mostly 5-star and award-winning hotels, though there are also cafés and regular fast food joints. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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The Marina Bay Sands is a 4-level casino spaced out over 161,000 square feet. It boasts over 600 table games, and more than 2000 slot machines. A variety of games are available for guests including the popular poker and roulette, as well as baccarat and blackjack for gamblers of all levels. There are also designated areas for the high rollers’ gamblers. The Marina Bay Sands Casino is located in one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the world, with incredible architecture consisting of three 55-storey towers connected by a one-hectare roof terrace. Located on this terrace is the magnificent rooftop swimming pool that overlooks the skyline of Singapore. Other amenities in the resort include fun rides around the shops, bars, nightclubs, spas, and fine dining restaurants offering a huge array of cuisines. 

Gladys Christian | Staff Writer

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