Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Spring 2024

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Makeup is often called an art form, and while technically art is subjective, makeup is also a science, and there are definitely wrong answers when it comes to science. So, here are some common makeup mistakes that you may not even have been aware you were making, and how to fix them!

Bad Skincare Routine 

Generally speaking, makeup applies better to skin that is well taken care of, as your skin will then be an even surface and can help you avoid your makeup looking patchy or cakey. So, make sure that you are properly cleansing and moisturizing your skin on a regular basis, in addition to using any products that you may need to suit your skin’s unique needs, and keep it looking its best. In addition, don’t forget to exfoliate lips once per week and use lip balm. 

Not Prepping Skin Properly 

Makeup applies best to skin that is properly cleansed and moisturized. Super dry skin can cause patchiness, and you want to lock in moisture that may be lost throughout the day, even if you’re oily. You also should be applying a primer before foundation. This acts as a barrier between your foundation and your skin. It creates a smoother more even base for your foundation and protects your skin from your foundation sinking into your pores.

Using the Wrong Lighting 

Ideally, for the best application, you need to use natural lighting. So, positioning yourself facing a large window with the sun shining on you in broad daylight is best. Of course, that is also a luxury most of us could only dream of. Luckily, you can mimic natural light to get the same effect. To achieve this, use LED lights and make sure that they are a white light, or as neutral in colour as possible, anything too cool or too warm will also affect how you apply your makeup. You also want to make sure that the light is distributed evenly across your face.

Applying Products in the Wrong Order 

There is really only one correct order that you should be using to apply your products. 

  1. Moisturizer
  2. Primer 
  3. Foundation 
  4. Concealer 
  5. Powder
  6. Bronzer/Contour
  7. Blush
  8. Highlighter
  9. Brow Products 
  10. Eyeshadow Primer
  11. Eyeshadow 
  12. Eyeliner 
  13. Mascara
  14. Lip Liner 
  15. Lip Colour 
  16. Setting Spray

Even if you are not using all of the products listed above, make sure that you are applying the products that you are using, in this order.

The only exception to this is eyeshadow. It’s pretty common for some of the eyeshadow powder to fall into your undereye rather than sticking to your eyelid, thus ruining your concealer. To avoid this, start your makeup routine by applying eyeshadow primer, then your eyeshadow, then move onto the foundation step.

Using Too Much Product

Regardless of which product it is, always operate on the belief that less is more. Unless you are applying makeup for a stage production or a costume party, you don’t need to use a lot of product. For example, start with a pea-sized portion of foundation. Apply a few dabs of this portion to the forehead, cheeks, and chin, and then blend. And for mascara, two swipes with the wand are more than enough. Remember, you’re trying to enhance your natural beauty, not draw on a whole new face.

Using Products in the Wrong Shade

When shopping for complexion makeup, many of us make the mistake of swatching it on our arms or hands, or not swatching at all. When we do this, the colour is often misrepresented, and then we end up finding out later that we bought the wrong shade. Instead, swatch complexion makeup on your neck or jawline as this technique will most accurately represent how the colour will look when applied to your face.

Bad Blending

The most important part of makeup application is blending. Always blend foundation down your neck, into your hairline, and over your ears. Also make sure that you are spending time blending your powders, like your blush, bronzer and eyeshadow. Properly blended makeup is flawless makeup, so always remember to blend.

Lauren Schwartz | Staff Writer

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