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Summer 2024

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When it comes to Tik Tok trends, there seems to be a lot of them, and they can be hard to keep up with. From blueberry milk nails to strawberry makeup, every week there seems to be a new food-based look that’s trending, with last week’s look already outdated. If you’re new to Tik Tok, or just don’t know which trend to try, the quick turnover rate of trends can make trying these looks hard or intimidating.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. Despite the vast array of trends, most of them tend to stem from celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Sofia Ritchie. So, if you’re following them, you’ll be able to stay up to date.

Also, most of these trends have an overarching theme. For instance, the dewy or glazed look, monochromatic makeup, which is currently trending brown, and experimentation with blush, are all characteristic of the resurgence in 90s and unapologetically feminine looks. There are a few other trends too, like blue nails and blue eyeshadow, which are making a triumphant return from the 80s.


The overarching trend that we’re seeing right now, particularly on Tik Tok, is a resurgence in 90s looks, although with a bit of an update. This means that there is a focus on 90s supermodels who wore things like a more neutral base with an emphasis on certain features, such as a subtle smoky eye, or heavy lip liner with an ultra-shine gloss. 

The 90s in general were very focused on the lips, with not only lip gloss being on trend, but also using concealer instead of lipstick to create an ultra-nude and washed-out look, or ombre lips, where the colour of lipstick would be darker in the centre, and then lighten around the edges. In addition, browns, bronzes, and golds were very popular in the 90s, and those colours are becoming popular again now. 

Glazed and Glossy 

Gone are the days of all-matte looks topped with a lot of highlighter like we were seeing in the 2010s. Now there is an emphasis on what Tik Tok has named the “glazed doughnut” look, usually characterized by frosted makeup and dewy, hydrated skin. 

So, trade out your matte, full coverage foundation, for a BB cream, CC cream, or tinted moisturizer, pull out your frosty or sparkly eyeshadows, and your lip glosses and glossy nail polishes.

Since trends overturn so quickly, it can be hard to pinpoint one to try. But, as long as you are keeping up with your skincare, making sure that your skin is hydrated and dewy, and you have lots of shiny, sparkly, glossy makeup, you should be ready for when the next trend pops up.

Unapologetically Feminine 

Trends like Barbiecore, balletcore, and coquette makeup are all characterized by the colour pink. And while Barbie and ballet seem to be on their way out, coquette is lasting well into this year. The word coquette means “a woman who flirts” and takes inspiration from shows like Bridgerton, and the Japanese Lolita style, which itself takes inspiration from the Victorian and Rococo periods. 

To achieve this look you’ll want flawless, dewy skin. You’ll need soft pink eyeshadow, soft pink lipstick, and you’re going to need a lot of pink blush. Like, a lot. Finish your look off with a pink bow in your hair, and you’re good to go!


The other big trend right now is monochromatic makeup. Strawberry makeup, with its strawberry pinks, tomato makeup, which is strawberry makeup but red, and coquette makeup are all examples of monochromatic makeup. 

Latte makeup was big last summer, characterized by light browns and golds, so it makes perfect sense that this trend has evolved to produce espresso makeup, which is basically latte makeup using a darker colour palette.

For this look, or really any of the looks that are currently trending on Tik Tok, this means using only colours that are from the same colour family in your look. So, for espresso makeup, you’ll want to wear brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, brown mascara, a lot of bronzing and contouring with subtle, barely-there blush, and a brown lip. 

Lily Frances | Staff Writer

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