Minimalist Gifts for Mother’s Day


Summer 2024

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Throughout human history, both moms and dads have been no stranger to some degree of mess in the house.  Maintaining a family leaves debris. The hustle and bustle of the day begins at breakfast, corralling children and preparing food. It’s the kind of stereotypical, fast-paced scene one would see in an uplifting family comedy, with the patriarch masterfully handling an omelet, a smoothie and the day’s schedule. The realities of such a situation leaves chaos, not harmony. Such clutter and strife are proven to be more stressful for women than men.

This Mother’s Day, then, treat the female head of the family to something that won’t add to the clutter and embrace minimalism.  Minimalist gifts can relieve stress and allow your mother the free time she needs to relax after a long day — without the need to tidy up after. Here are some items that may ease her anxiety as well as warm her heart. 

Massage or Spa Day

It’s not tiring to recognize that mothers have one of the hardest, unpaid jobs in the world. It’s high stress, with no time off. That’s why booking a massage, or a spa day can be a wonderful gift. Massages and spas will improve their mood as well as offer numerous health benefits. More importantly, it’s a gift that takes her away from any sort of clutter, completely free from worry for a few hours. 

Audiobook Subscription  

Clutter is a key issue to motherhood precisely because there’s no avoiding it. Clutter comes in all forms, from any age, and all it serves to do is create obstacles between you and spending quality time with the ones you love.  This Mother’s Day, combine their need to  declutter with her love of the printed word. A subscription to Audible or Kindle Unlimited gives her access to an enormous selection of books and publications that’s bound to have what she craves. Moreover, it won’t add to what is almost certain to be a large library of physical media collected by both spouses and children over the years. It might even help to clear a few out. 

A Properly Cleaned House

It’s always nice when the family pitches in with chores, but some mothers have an earned reputation for perfectionism about cleaning. For the mother who always stresses about how the house looks, getting her a maid service or a housekeeper for a day can be one of the most relaxing gifts imaginable. Studies have also shown that having a clean house makes everyone more relaxed, ensuring a more harmonious home for days after the visit. 


Classic, elegant, simple — it’s not a cliche if it always works. Flowers can make any room look better, and as a quintessential representation of love, they make a clear, bold statement. What’s more, when they expire, they leave no mess behind for her to clean up. Flowers can easily be combined with any of the other gifts listed above, nestled within the bouquet in a card.
Keep it simple this Mother’s Day. Remind her it’s never been complicated to tell her that you love her.

Kenny Hedges | Contributing Writer 

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