Linda Evangelista, Canadian Fashion Model


Spring 2024

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Best known as the face of the cosmetics company Revlon, Evangelista has been passionate about fashion and modelling since she was 12. The Canadian model has a wealth of achievements to her name. Besides appearing in several photo shoots, she was named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.”

Considered among the world’s top models, Evangelista was at the forefront of a small model niche, including Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell, also known in the industry as “the supers,” who appeared on glossy covers, fashion runways, and global media outlets.

Evangelista’s career took off in 1990, becoming one of the world’s most popular supermodels appearing in more than 700 magazine covers. The 57-year-old model and grandmother was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Evangelista has a powerful modelling portfolio collaborating with some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses like Chanel, Versace, Christian Dior, Valentino, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, and others. 

Notorious Remarks

Evangelista became notorious for a remark she made in an interview with Vogue. Like other well-known models, she has the perfect physique, but her astonishing face got her the fortune. At the height of her career, Evangelista told Vogue magazine that she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000.

Evangelista appeared in several fashion documentaries like UnzippedCatwalk, and others. In 1996 she received the industry Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Runway Comeback

Evangelista’s last runway appearance was in 2007, when she participated in the 60th anniversary show for Christian Dior. Fifteen years later, she made a glorious return to the runway, appearing at the Fendi show at New York’s Fashion Week.

The show marked the celebration of Fendi’s iconic designs celebrating over 25 years of their success in the industry. Evangelista’s appearance came a year after her struggle with an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure that left parts of her body deformed.

Unsuccessful Ventures

In 2021 Evangelista announced that she would sue ZELTIQ Aesthetics, a US-based beauty company behind the cosmetic CoolSculpting procedure she had, which left her disfigured. CoolSculpting involves freezing fat cells without surgery or pain. It is considered one of the fastest ways to tone down the body.

The procedure involves freezing body fat at a high temperature to eliminate stubborn fat in parts of the body. Evangelista had to contend with a weight battle which she claims left her with multiple fatty deposits and swelling in the treated areas. The renowned model says that many areas she had treated, including the chin, thighs, abdomen, and flanks, now appear heavier. She mentioned that the new fat on her body resulted from the treatment, and not weight gain. According to her, weight loss alone cannot reverse it; neither could procedures like liposuction. Ten months after alleging that the cosmetic procedure left her brutally disfigured Evangelista announced that she settled the lawsuit in the CoolSculpting case. 

Back in Action 

The 57-year-old model hasn’t allowed her unsuccessful procedure to deter her from pursuing her passion for modelling. Most recently, she announced that she would release a new book in collaboration with renowned photographer Steven Meisel. The book celebrates her friendship with the renowned American photographer who won global acclaim for photographing some of the world’s best models. Evangelista first met Meisel in 1987 and collaborated with him on several photo shoots.

The long-awaited book chronicles Evangelista’s evolving style and image and sees her photographed in various imaginative and narrative settings. It also shares the story of Evangelista’s friendship with Meisel and describes it within the broader context of the fashion industry.

Complemented by a luxurious cloth case, the book is Meisel’s first, showcasing some of the most iconic and memorable photos in fashion’s history. It includes an introduction by fashion editor William Norwich. The book will be sold in bookstores on September 12, featuring more than 180 photographs shot over Evangelista’s twenty-five years of friendship with Meisel.

David Messiha | Staff Writer 

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