The Best Luxury Concierge Services You Can Opt For


Summer 2024

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You’ve probably heard of the concierge who greets you in the lobbies of condo buildings and hotels, but you might not know the duties of a concierge are broader than being the friendly face you see when you’re near the front doors. Concierges aren’t always reserved to lobbies, and you don’t have to be booked into a hotel or own a condo to ask a concierge to take care of personal business that you don’t have time for during your busy life. You can contact a third-party concierge service and sign up for plans and memberships. That way you always know there’s someone a phone call or text message away who can deal with any task you find too disruptive, tedious, and time-consuming, like booking travel arrangements, scoring tickets to a concert, booking reservations, picking up laundry, and more. 

A concierge frees up your time, so you get to spend more time focused on what matters to you. Sounds pretty luxurious, right? There’s no way to deny that being linked to a concierge service gives the impression you’ve “made it” in life. But trust us, as fancy as this sounds, you’ll no doubt realize how much you’ve been needing some extra help clearing your to-do list. You don’t always have to look at signing up with a concierge company as a pointless luxury, even though it seems pretty luxurious to have a personal assistant. Sometimes you need the help and these companies, though they look pretty high-class from the outside looking in, are designed to put you at ease. Here are some concierge services you can turn to when life feels overwhelming and you need someone to take some obligations off your hands.

Modern Concierge

Modern Concierge promises they can—and are willing to—get anything done as long as it’s “legal and ethical.” They’ll track down unconventional gifts for your loved ones, take care of dinner plans, get you tickets for shows, and even solve your gardening woes. When you’re working with Modern Concierge, you’re in a judgement-free zone.

Arthur Majordome

Arthur Majordome wants you to have the best of the best, because you’re the best of the best. They’re working hard to revolutionize lifestyle and travel management by taking advantage of the technology connecting the world. They’ll cover travel plans, reservations, corporate events, and rare item purchasing, so you have more time to spend with loved ones. 

Quintessentially Canada

Quintessentially is interested in supporting the diverse population of Canadian members, celebrating every culture and community, whether they find themselves inside Canada or outside the country. Their lifestyle management team offers services in 10 languages to ensure they are building the best relationships possible with their clients from all walks of life and meeting their needs.

Paramount Concierge Services

Paramount Concierge Services wants to take the weight off your shoulders. They’re up for any task—the only limit is your imagination—and ready for any person, so you can get back to spending your time meaningfully. They promise complete discretion and confidentiality at all times, making them the right people to contact for help with gift shopping and event planning.

Mountain Life Concierge

If you ever end up in the glorious mountainous regions of Banff and Canmore, Albert and you realize you’re in need of luxury concierge services, then Mountain Life Concierge is there to be of service. They’re all about streamlining your life and taking care of the details, creating space for you to spend more time taking in the magnificent surroundings of the Rocky Mountains.

Pure Entertainment Group

Pure Entertainment Group offers top-of-the-line luxury concierge services for high-net worth individuals and corporations all around the world. All the classiest members of global society can rest assured their travel, entertainment, and lifestyle requests are being organized, planned, and booked with the level of precision they’ve come to expect.

Contessa Concierge

Contessa Concierge plans to truly be there for everyone who needs it, no matter what they need. They have a long list of problems they’re willing to solve for the overwhelmed, busy everyday person who wishes life could be easier and less painful. The Contessa Concierge experience is both personal and professional. They deliver results, allowing you to get back to what you care about most in your life.

Jacob Carmichael | Contributing Writer

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