10 TikTok Trends to Do with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend


Spring 2024

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Take your relationship to the next level by trying out viral TikTok trends with your partner! Whether you’re looking to re-ignite the spark between you or simply want a fun activity to do together, collaborating on a TikTok video will help you set #couplegoals.

From tracing your relationship over the years and completing Q&As about each other’s personalities to perfecting your couple’s dance moves, there are a variety of TikTok challenges for you to explore. You can record yourselves while practicing (a word of caution: it might take a few retakes) or choose a straightforward task of creating video montages with photos. Whichever challenge you choose, it’ll strengthen your relationship while adding heaps of laughter to your day.

  1. The Running Partner Challenge

Check your fitness levels with this running-in-the-air challenge where one partner lifts the other up and the other moves their legs to mimic the motions of running. It’s definitely a good way to burn off some calories!

  1. The Boyfriend Test Challenge

Will he pass or fail? To every girl whose boyfriend hasn’t uttered the golden three-word phrase yet, try this viral challenge to see if he gets a hint and says “I love you” to match the lyrics of the trending sound.

  1. The 14-Question Challenge

Take this light-hearted Q&A challenge to learn more about each other. The results will surely surprise you, plus you’ll know how similar (or different!) your perspectives are.

  1. The Couple Dance Challenge

@markballas1 dc @Jeremiah Mitchell

♬ Im up – Jorge 🧟‍♂️🍂

Show off your dancing skills with a well-rehearsed video. Match your moves for a choreographed performance that will surely win the attention of your followers.

  1. The Blindfold Kiss Challenge

Can you two kiss with your eyes closed? Test it out with a blindfold. If either of you misses, it will make for a hilarious video you’ll remember for weeks.

  1. The Relationship Duration Challenge

We’re about to celebrate our 10th year anniversary soon 😭❤️

♬ Thats What I want – mafraud

This one is for couples who have been together for years. Track your relationship right back to the day you two first met to see how far you’ve come. Time flies, doesn’t it?

  1. The Pregnant Woman Flip Challenge

This might be a risky move for women who are expecting, but it’ll deepen your bond with your SO. Plus, it may just turn into a great funny story to tell your child years later!

  1. The Weight Loss Transformation Challenge

Couples who work out together, stick together! Kick off those extra pounds with your partner in tow and shoot a before-and-after video to measure your results.

  1. The Couple Balancing Act Challenge

40 minutes of trying to figure this thing out and we finally did it 😂 #couplepower #couplegoals #coupleschallenge #fyp

♬ Originalton – Lisa-Maria Wagner

How strong is your core? Find out by attempting this acrobatic formation with your partner. Practice on a carpet for added cushioning if either of you falls. Good luck!

  1. The POV: You Want This Type of Relationship Challenge

This easy-to-do challenge only requires photos of you two holding hands, hugging, walking in the park, dancing in the street, or doing goofy things together that best define your relationship.

Shweta Gandhi | Contributing Writer

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