Top 10 Things Women Should Know About Men


Spring 2024

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Many surveys show men’s changing attitudes toward women. While men and women differ, men are more likely to embrace the idea of gender equality. But on the other end of the spectrum, many women sometimes think that men are from another planet; they are almost confused when it comes to understanding the man in their life. If you find it hard to understand men, consider a few pointers to guide you in your struggle. 

Like to Be Problem Solvers

Men naturally like to solve problems, and if a woman comes in with a problem or an issue of concern, they are not prone to listen, but are more likely to give a quick solution or answer. On the other hand, women tend to have more patience, carefully hearing things out. If you come home from work with a big issue and want to rant about it, you are more likely to get a short answer to your problem than a listening ear from your husband. 

Get Emotional

While it is taboo for men to cry in many cultures, men can get very emotional without showing it. After all, they are humans and experience life’s same ups and downs. Expressing emotions doesn’t always necessarily mean that your man will shed tears. Men can sometimes express their emotions in other ways and by having a temperamental attitude. Do not expect men always to be the hard, strong, rough, and unbreakable figures they always try to present themselves as. 

Don’t Respond Well to Jealousy

Jealousy threatens a relationship; men generally do not respond well to it. If you have any techniques or plans to make your husband or the man in your life jealous, it is better to avoid them. When your relationship is murky, you might be tempted to test the waters and stretch the limits. Nevertheless, relationship therapists believe it’s just not worth the risk. Men especially hate it when the woman in their life deliberately makes them feel jealous. 

Can Be Self-Conscious 

While most men tend to exude a confident attitude, their confidence level can sometimes go low. When that happens, men are more prone to be self-conscious. Self-confidence doesn’t necessarily equate to a measure of how good you are at a skill; it is more of a belief in your worth. When you feel that your man is incredibly insecure, compliment him. It can do wonders to boost his ego.

Crave Attention

Although men might come off as tough and rugged, they can be mellow and soft. Beneath the outer façade lies a human with feelings, emotions, and insecurities. Although they might not show it, men occasionally crave attention. Don’t be afraid to show them some love and attention every now and then; although they might not say anything, they secretly like it. 

Need to Be Told Things Constantly

Although they are not mind readers, men need to be reminded about how you feel, where you want to go out, and what you want to do. Even though it might seem confusing to you that they do not pick up hints, don’t be frustrated, be open and honest with them; they will appreciate you more for it.

Hate It When Women Play Hard to Get

A true gentleman will work hard to win his lady’s heart, but if you are constantly playing hard to get, you will frustrate him. When it comes to dating, the thrill of a chase is always exciting, but it can get odd quickly. Men have little patience, and it only stretches so far. If you always make it hard for him to get to you, you could lose him in the end. 

Like To Make Women Laugh

Humor is integral to how people relate to each other in a relationship. Being humorous takes a certain amount of confidence, and when men manage to make you laugh or put a smile on your face with a joke or riddle, it makes them feel good when they know that they can make you happy at unexpected moments. 

Don’t Like Talking Too Much

In many instances, women will get upset if men don’t hear them out on issues of concern or if they ask a sentimental question and get a reply like “I don’t know.” Men are generally socialized to internalize their feelings rather than voice them. You shouldn’t feel upset if you sometimes don’t get a response. They are not hiding anything, and sometimes there really isn’t anything on their mind at that moment. 

Like Women Without Makeup and Fancy Clothes

When a man falls in love with a woman, he loves her for who she really is. It doesn’t matter if she is all dolled up in glamorous dresses or pajamas. Men often value who you are, more than what you show. 

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

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