10 Stylish Women’s Summer Hats


Spring 2024

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Summertime is quickly approaching, and with it comes longer, warmer days, and a lot more time spent out in the sun. Of course, sun protection is super important, and like most of us, the thought of rubbing sunscreen into your scalp to prevent burning the top of your head probably doesn’t sound all that appealing. 

This is where the sun hat comes in. Both great for sun protection and the perfect summer accessory, here are some sun hats that you should definitely be adding to your closet this summer.

  1. Bucket Hat 

Bucket hats are back in style in a big way. Easy to pack away in a bag, and super stylish, bucket hats come in many different materials and sport all kinds of patterns. Plus, some bucket hats also come with a chin strap if that’s what you’re looking for. They are super versatile and can look good with both jeans or dresses, depending on the look you’re going for. 

  1. Sun Hat 

The width of the brim is up to you, but whatever size you choose, a structured sun hat is a great way to protect your skin from the sun. You can pair this kind of hat with your bathing suit and a cover-up at the beach or dress it up for a night out on the town.

  1. Baseball Cap 

A classic hat for a casual look, baseball caps help keep the sun out of your eyes while also being the perfect accessory for an everyday outfit. Also, while they’re often associated with baseball, there are many caps available on the market that are not associated with the sport, suiting whatever your fashion needs may be.

  1. Fedora 

A bit of an elevated sun hat, and inspired by menswear, the fedora is a flattering classic that you can leave as is or dress up with a ribbon. In addition, the type of material you go for can take a fedora from casual to formal.

  1. Straw Hat 

More of a material than a style, hats made of straw are the perfect finishing touch for a relaxed beach look. Due to the versatility of the material, you can wear straw hats in many different ways, and they can be paired with almost any colour.

  1. Gondolier Hat / Straw Boater 

Traditionally worn by the gondoliers in Venice, boaters are another hat that’s perfect for the beach. Boaters are structured hats with a ribbon around them, making them a stylish option to wear while you’re out and about.

  1. Rancher Hat 

Rancher hats, sometimes called cowboy hats (not to be confused with Stetsons, which are also called cowboy hats), have a wide brim to protect you from the sun. Depending on the fabric your hat is made from, you can dress these hats up or down for the perfect summer look.

  1. Boonie Hat 

The bucket hat’s less stylish and more practical sibling, boonie hats are perfect for outdoor activities. They protect you from the sun while also keeping you cool. This style hat is often worn by those in the military while they are in harsh, hot climates.

  1. Floppy Hat

Another hat with a wide brim, the thing that makes these hats stand out is their lack of stiffness and structure. Floppy hats can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure how to wear them, but paired with a sundress and some cute sandals, you will be sure to turn heads.

  1. Panama Hat 

Panama hats, also known as jipijapa hats, toquilla straw hats, or Ecuadorian hats, are a traditional hat from Ecuador. This cream-coloured hat with its black band has been a popular choice around the world for many years. Its use of sturdy materials while still being lightweight and comfortable make them a good choice to wear all summer long.

Lauren Schwartz | Staff Writer

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