Building a Shoe Wardrobe: Must-Have Styles for Every Occasion


Spring 2024

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A good pair of footwear is the perfect complement for a woman’s attire. From wearing a comfy flip flop at home to wearing pumped heels for a special event, a women’s shoe wardrobe should be a representation of diverse styles. Whether it’s for comfort or a stylish look, a perfect pair of footwear is always like the proverbial cherry on top, and I dare say, confidence booster. 

Nowadays, women have specific rooms or spaces designed just for shoes and related accessories. This cannot be far removed from the ever-changing fashion trends from an industry known for continuous launching of new looks and styles for women as well as men. 

Stylish as it may be to adorn a stunning pair of footwear, it can be overwhelming finding the best pair for a suitable occasion when you have a hundred of them. That’s where we come in, to help you build a wardrobe space with worthy must-have styles for every occasion. 

Black Pumped Heels

Black Pumped Heels are an ideal pair while going for an interview, attending conferences, board meetings, etc. This pair of shoes exude the sophistication of a formal outfit, are elegant, and can be matched with other colours. Black pumped heels can be paired with tuxedo gowns, a maxi- dress, a sheath dress, and formal shirt along with pants. 

Add this stylish pair of heels to your shoe wardrobe and walk out with confidence every time you wear them!

Party Pumps

Thinking party? Add gems, bright colors, and do not forget to add a spoonful of jazz to your outfit with party pumps. These pumps add a classy look to your outfit when worn with slip dresses, A-line dresses, bow dresses, feather dresses, etc. Over and above, the party pumps create an extravagant look for the occasion to be attended. These must-have pairs are so comfy and stunning that you can dance the whole night off without caring about blisters or shoe bites. Party pumps, when worn with a dress and carried with a classy clutch, creates a magnificent woman in an audience, leaving everyone awestruck!

Sneakers and Trainers 

Wear a pair of baggy jeans with a basic t-shirt and add sneakers or trainers to it, and you are all set for an outing with your friends and family. When we talk about comfort, sneakers and trainers are perfect synonyms.

Sneakers and trainers have been in fashion throughout the years, and have created versatile looks for winters, as well as summers. Talking about winters, these shoes can be worn with sweatshirts as well as casual coats, and on the other hand, in summers, the comfortable footwear can be worn with t-shirt dresses, midi-dresses, etc. 

The Ballet Flats 

Looking for comfort with style? Add ballet flats to your shoe wardrobe, and you will never be disappointed. Working a 9-to-5 job or running an errand, these pair are the perfect shoes for comfort with style. 

These flats can be worn with jeans, casual blazers, maxis, mini dresses, and wide leg jeans. They make for a versatile look while striking the right balance. 

The Boots

Winters and wardrobes are never complete without a pair of ankle boots, mid-calf, and knee-length boots. Each type of boots holds a significant importance when worn with an outfit. You can style ankle boots with a formal office look, while the mid-calf and knee-length boots are sure to make an impact when worn during outings. These boots can be worn with formal attires, dresses, skirts, etc. Boots never go out of style and can even create a stylish vintage look. 

Transform your outfit with the perfect pair of footwear and enhance your wardrobe look with styling an outfit, and turn heads wherever you go!

The Elixuer Team

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