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Summer 2024

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From the early ‘50s to now, crochet fashion still finds ways to set trends and keep the buzz going about traditional forms of design that cease to die. Over the summer, celebrities like Harry Styles will rock a crochet item; setting a trend for days to follow. As it’s been predicted this summer will be no different, we might as well get ourselves on board and keep an eye out for fashion’s best crochet designers. This summer, we will be watching out for the Missoni fashion house, Helen Rödel, Lisa Maree and Ulla Johnson and discover what makes them the crème de la crème of crochet fashion.

Harry Styles sits at a dining table on the beach in the music video for "Watermelon Sugar."

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The Missoni fashion house, known for its trademark zigzag pattern, has been showcasing crochet fashion since 1953. Founded by the late Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, the Italian brand inspired the industry by proving traditional forms of design could still rock the catwalk. After Angela — daughter and successor to the couple — stepped down as creative director, Alberto Caliri sought to continue the legacy. Crochet designs and zigzags dominate the sexy one-pieces of their Spring 2022 collection. Their Spring/Summer 2022 collection sees a revival of the ‘70s through bright, colourfully-patterned slip dresses. One of Missoni’s sleek and sexy pieces includes a sleeveless, black jumpsuit. Its crochet pattern is sleek and formfitting, hugging at the curves of the model delicately.

Look 38

(Courtesy of Missoni Spring/Summer 2022)

Helen Rödel

Another designer who sees the value in bringing traditional crafts to today’s fashion is Helen Rödel. The vibrant, colourful palettes used in her handmade works speak to her Brazilian roots. This is especially noted in the form-fitting bodysuits and dresses she designs. Her leaf crochet mini dress, for example, is elaborately stitched at the top with intricate, leaf-life patterns. An environmentally conscious designer, Rödel enjoys creating popcorn stitch patterns as she adores their ‘organic nature’.  

Helen Rödel's Resort 2017 all-handmade crochet collection.

(Courtesy of Helen Rödel) 

Lisa Maree

Australians and swimwear go together like mansions and Beverly Hills. But Lisa Maree’s swim lines are indistinguishable with their alluring, crochet swimsuits that weather the storm. Or — in this case — beach waves. Maree uses a special type of crochet known as reengineered crochet, allowing her swimwear to stay in good condition after getting wet. Her style combines classic, beach wear looks with those of her native Australia, winning over celebrities like Rihanna and Kourtney Kardashian. Some of her pieces have even been featured in movies or magazine covers. Recognize that beautiful, white one-suit Amy Adams wore in a scene from American Hustle? Or how about that mint-green swimsuit rocked by Jennifer Lopez on the June 2015 cover of US Weekly Magazine?

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(Courtesy of US Weekly Magazine)

Ulla Johnson

New York-based Ulla Johnson is another crochet design guru. Her ornate crochet comes from South American countries like Peru or Uruguay. Inspired by traditional art and period styles, her fall collections from last year and this year give us a taste of her versatile technique. Johnson’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection takes inspiration from the legendary Georgia O’Keeffe — one of America’s most iconic artists. Her landscape art, specifically the contrasts between the elements of art, intrigued the designer. Johnson’s black and white crochet dresses and skirts from this line are her way of playing with shadows and transparency. “The idea of transparency and shadows lent itself to detailed, handcrafted paneled French lace garments,” wrote WWD Magazine. 

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(Courtesy of Ulla Johnson) 

Tashon Daley | Contributing Writer

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