Wayne Goss’s Hooded Eye Makeup Tips for a Natural Look


Spring 2024

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Wayne Goss is a makeup artist extraordinaire, with more than 15 years in the industry, who has garnered nearly four million subscribers on his YouTube page, directed at an audience of other makeup artists and those interested in improving their makeup skills. His eponymous line of makeup brushes uses the finest quality hair from Japan, meant to last forever. Let’s explore the natural eye makeup look Goss endorses for hooded eyes. Hooded eyelids hang over the crease, which takes visual emphasis away from the lash line. Also, most eyes become hooded with age as the skin below the brow bone starts sagging.

Preparing the Eyes

Goss likes to start with skin prep, followed by brows, then eye prep, and finally eye shadow. He uses two products — a primer and foundation or concealer, mixing a small amount of primer into the cream-based coverage formulas (he finds these foundations and concealers have better adhesive properties than liquid ones) in the back of his hand. He suggests using a primer with the same tone as the concealer or a slightly lighter one. The benefits of mixing the two, according to him, make for a very solid base because of the concealer’s ability to provide coverage and the primer’s long-lastingness. Then, using a brush, he dabs onto all the areas above the eyelid and around the eyebrows. 

One of his top tips is to remember the outer corner of the eye, which tends to discolour over time for a lot of people; ignoring it would result in an uneven eye shadow application. Goss suggests using the ring finger or a sponge for blending it all in — a finger especially if your eyes tend to be watery. A final tip is to ensure that there are no creases before applying eye shadow. They might pop up in the time spent preparing the other eye.

Push Lining 

Push lining means applying black eyeshadow deep into the lid line to give it definition and provide structure to the eyes. Goss uses a small-sized push liner brush to apply eyeshadow to the upper lash line, making sure to push it in between the lashes and the corners of the eyes. He suggests single or multiple applications, depending on the eyeshadow quality. Some of the eyeshadow is bound to drop down to the lower eyelids and cheeks. Goss suggests using a cotton bud to clean up stray shadow. He puts on foundation and concealer last for this reason: there is no eye makeup residue that smudges over them.

The Tight-lining Technique 

Tight lining is great for when you want all the emphasis to be on the eyelash line and avoid applying eyeshadow to the lids. Once the upper eye lash has been fully defined as a distinct arc, the next thing is to curl the lashes. As a general rule, thirty to sixty seconds are the most ideal to get a good curl, but it could take longer depending on the kind of eyelashes a person has. 

A light application of mascara comes after curling. The next step to give heavy definition to the upper eyelid is to apply gel eyeliner onto the waterline — Goss’s recommended product is Sian Richards 4K Longwear Creme Palette Melanin . You may skip it if you have teary eyes or opt for a waterproof eyeshadow. Follow that up by a second and third application of mascara, placing another round of eye shadow onto the lash bed to take care of any spaces left uncovered. 

And, voila! You have got the most perfect, model-worthy look for a casual outing.

Arslan Ahmed | Assistant Editor

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