Top Nail Trends for 2022


Spring 2024

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In anticipation of spring 2022, nail polish trends to sport for this time of the year have already started making headway since January. Elixuer will spill the tea on some of the most popular designs to help you own the nail game. The biggest trends so far have been modern French manicures, sculptural nail art, and popping colours like periwinkle and emerald green.


It may come as a surprise to learn that the colour of the year is not the typical black, red, or pink. No, this year, it’s all about periwinkle. The light purple colour with blue tones has taken over the fashion world. Even in the past, periwinkle had a sway on prominent figures, gracing the bodies of Marilyn Monroe, Donna Summer, and Princess Diana. As a nail colour, it has a lot to offer as it is flattering on all skin tones and vibrant enough to command attention. A periwinkle nail polish to recommend would be essie’s “sk8 with destiny.”

Modern French Style

Facebook (credit goes to The Nail Loft NC)

French manicures have always been popular. However, as of late, modern French nail styles have taken over. Adding twists to the classic through the application of colourful, bright tips on matte or duo-toned bases are some features of this style. The rainbow tip is especially popular, where pastel or neon colours are applied to nail tips on a nude base. You may add another subtle colour to the base. For a more sophisticated look, you can also change it up by applying gold lacquer to the nail tips.

Sculptural or 3D

Sculptural nails, otherwise known as 3D nails, are all the rave, ever since Dua Lipa’s bulky, vibrant gold nails made an appearance in December last year. Since then, she has continued to set a trend for 3D nails. She isn’t alone in the game though. Lil Nas X and various runway models have also showed up for the 3D nail cause. Some of the common features of 3D nails include glitter, rhinestone, and pearl add-ons. They also come in any colour or shape, so designing your 3D nails gives you free reign to be as creative as possible.

Emerald Green

Emerald green did not disappear after 2021. In fact, the nail colour trend will be around this year too. It is especially perfect for spring as its luxurious green perfectly represents the colours of the blooming foliage of the season. After all, who wouldn’t want to rock a colour that symbolizes an elegant gemstone? Lending a majestic aura on the wearer, the colour could also work with gold accents.

Tashon Daley | Contributing Writer

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