Upscale Living: How to Travel in Style and Luxury like the Rich and Famous


Summer 2024

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What readily comes to mind when you think about living a life of luxury and ultimate style perfection? Undoubtedly, this involves owning the best homes, often in the best neighbourhoods, driving the latest cars, owning the best clothing and jewellery purchased from top high-end boutiques in New York, Venice, Milan and Paris. All of these are attributes of an affluent lifestyle of the rich and famous—which of course is evident in how they travel.

But here comes you, a regular joe with a decent job and some good savings racked up towards a trip of a lifetime. And you want to do it in style—like the rich and famous.

First, we have to tell you that you have nothing to feel guilty about imitating a certain lifestyle that isn’t your regular way of living. It’s your money, your vacation, and ultimately your life—which you have just once to live. So go ahead, splurge and have fun.

Designer Luggage

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Traveling for leisure is one of the ways the rich and mighty enjoy their lives and wealth. So, imagine traveling with the hope of staying at some of the most expensive hotels in the world, the journey has to begin from your home rather than waiting to arrive at your luxurious destination. Here’re some ideas on how you can achieve this. 

Pack your belongings in one of the luxury yet practical luggage carriers like the Louis Vuitton designer bags. When it comes to the status symbol of suitcases, the Louis Vuitton luggage has no rival.  It’s a classic as far as designer luggage goes. Interestingly, for the extra fashionista, this luggage is customizable to the taste of the owner, be it by changing its original colours, monogramming with personal details, or adding stripe details to it.

Deck Up 

Adorn your most elegant outfits fit for travel without compromising on comfort. Yes, put on your understated yet jaw-dropping expensive jewellery because nothing else would fit this look better.

Fly First Class 

Only first class travel is deserving of any luxury travels. Whether it’s by air or sea, a first class ticket is your assurance to the luxurious life–travel wise. While on your journey you’re sure to be served like the royalty you think you are! 

Lodge in Expensive Hotels 

Whether we agree or not, when it comes to luxury, expense plays a huge factor. Some of the world’s most luxurious hotels are also some of the most expensive—where comfort and luxury merge to provide their guests with lifetime memories of enjoyment. Thankfully, you’ve saved up for this. 

Dine in Luxurious Restaurants

Fine dining is something for the exquisite personality with an equally exquisite palette. Finding restaurants that satisfy these opulent pleasures during your trip shouldn’t be much of a hassle. However,

it isn’t just about the food, but the ambience and aesthetics of the restaurant. All of this combined is bound to make you feel like you’ve finally arrived! 

Visit the Best Bookstores 

As a luxury traveller, your trip isn’t complete without a visit to the bookstore to experience the best moments of your trip through the pages of a book. And don’t forget to buy a second book for your return trip. But don’t just buy the book, ensure you find the time to read it. This you can do by cuddling up in a cozy corner of your hotel room with a plush teddy or fluffy blanket, light a scented candle, and soak up the words of your purchase.

Visit the Gallery

When you arrive at your final destination, visit the gallery. Art galleries house some of the world’s most expensive artefacts, paintings, and sculpture pieces. Be sure to get yourself some art memorabilia. The best art pieces to purchase during travels are those made with materials like ceramics, and mini-paintings on canvas. Getting one of the expensive ceramic vases, or coffee table décor placement that can fit into your luggage will serve as a lovely keepsake from the trip.  

Attend Opera and Musical Concerts 

Operas are not only fun, but are an appreciation of art by the sophisticated music lover with a fine taste for music. But if opera isn’t your thing, a musical tour of one of the top global musicians is a good one not to miss. Imagine you were in a city where Beyonce was performing during one of her world tours, yes, you wouldn’t miss that now, would you? Hopefully, you can find a way to squeeze out a ticket.

Shop Till You Drop

Finally, are you really traveling in style if you don’t shop during your trip? You don’t have to be reminded that you must do this at every stop until your final destination. If you’re transiting from one place to the other, the duty free shops in the airport are a good place to start your shopping spree. And if you’re doing multi-trips, the high-end stores in the various locations should not be missed. More designer gears and accessories like perfumes, jewellery, handbags, shoes, clothes, and other accessories are your best bet. The only guilt you’re allowed to feel during this trip is the guilt of pleasure!

Gladys Christian | Staff Writer

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