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Summer 2024

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Flight attendant-turned-interior design DIYer, Wendy is a Toronto-based social media influencer with an envy-inducing home. Having moved from one house to a downtown condo — then to another house over the course of the pandemic, Wendy (and her long-suffering but loving husband who is only ever referred to as “K”) has kept her 300-thousand-plus followers entertained with candid renovation stories, beautifully directed Instagram Reels, and occasional Hong Kong drink and snack recipes. Her consistently gorgeous aesthetic and ever-changing seasonal style makes her feed among the most beautiful online. Let’s dive deep into what makes her bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even front door so charming and well-appointed. Plus, we’ll go over some tips on how to cop her style.


In June, Wendy posted a series of photos of all the bedroom styles she has had since the beginning of her blogging journey. Colour schemes ranged from crisp black and white to autumnal green, brown, and orange. Elements that were repeated, however, were the matte-black metal bedframe, the presence of live greenery, wall art or wallpaper, and lots of cozy textiles.

Take a page from Wendy’s book and invest in bedsheets and pillowcases made of textural fabrics like chenille, linen, corduroy, velvet, or macramé. Surround yourself with houseplants, either hanging from the ceiling or curtain rails, or resting on windowsills and nightstands. (You’ll also benefit from air purification, depending on the plant.) If you aren’t ready to commit to painting an accent wall or sticking up wallpaper, try grouping together art prints or decorative objects to display above the bed.


One of the bigger renovations Wendy has tackled was that of her kitchen. She reveals the budget breakdown on her website and speaks frankly on the reality (and not just the Instagram-friendly appearances) of the hard work and patience required to bring the sparkling space to fruition. But the sun-drenched countertops, antique brass hardware, farmhouse window treatments, and other elements make it all worth the effort.

Copy the look with marble or white-tiled contact paper on the backsplash areas. Swap out the standard hardware on cabinet doors, drawers, or faucets with new, shiny ones. Don’t be afraid to display your fanciest mugs with hooks or open shelving. And for those small items that are always out (like countertop appliances, cooking utensil holders, or that container full of coffee grounds), pick the nicest one you can. After all, you’ll be looking at it every day!


For many, the bathroom is the haven of the house. It’s the only place you may be allowed to be alone (unless you have very clingy children or pets), so adding spa-inspired elements is not uncommon. Wendy’s bathroom remodel came unexpectedly when the room sprang a leak. The resulting redo was a serene oasis in muted grey and white with an English twist, thanks to the small collection of vintage wall art around the toilet and shower curtain in a chintz print.

Add a theme to your own bathroom with framed pieces above the toilet and echo the same colours or patterns through the textiles: hand towels, a bathmat, and shower curtain. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a plant, pick a low maintenance one that thrives in poor-light environments. The best thing about them is how easy it is to remember to water them. You’re already next to the sink and shower!

Front Door

A welcoming foyer is part of the first impression that someone gets on the rest of the house. Although she only has a small space to work with, Wendy finds ways to add loads of style with new floor tiles, a narrow console table, and by layering up design items — including a mirror, framed art, and string lights. One of the biggest changes was switching out the previous doors with ones with large, frosted windows to allow light to come in while maintaining privacy and security. 

Depending on your own front door, find a storage solution that works for your space. Not everyone can accommodate a table, but wall storage that can handle keys and mail — or a small stool where you can sit to tie your shoes — can make things look tidier and more welcoming. A mirror is always a must, even if it’s not floor length. It allows people going in and out to check their appearance and also helps make a small space look bigger. And don’t forget the greenery! Plants can bring a refreshing liveliness to any overlooked corner.

Rose Ho | Assistant Editor

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