Choosing the Right Perfume for Your Mood


Summer 2024

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For many of us, wearing a little perfume makes us feel good. And no matter how you feel throughout your day, it’s nice to have a scent to complement it. That’s why, when it comes to perfumes, you will want to choose ones that best suit your mood. Here are some tips on how to do that—including some specific scents to consider and what makes them so memorable.

A Fresh Scent When You Feel Free-Spirited

When you are feeling easygoing and calm, choose a light fresh fragrance reminiscent of water or air (one with a fruity and “clean” scent). Clean Reserve Rain has a relaxing vibe that mimics the fresh feeling outdoors after a rainfall. The company describes it as having dewy melon, soft flower petals and “musk wrapped around sheer woods.” This scent also contains daffodil, watermint, spring daisy, waterlily, and violet leaves.

A Floral Scent When You Feel Romantic 

When you’re feeling romantic and happy, whether planning a night out or a relaxed date on the couch, try a floral scent to complement your mood. Wonderland Peony by Floral Street is described as “sophisticated” and “captivating” with peonies, berries and violets. You may also notice notes of cedar wood, balsamic and hazelnut. 

Candy Heart by Wild Spirit Fragrances blends fragrant flowers and fruits, with plum, apple, rose, freesia, and ylang ylang (to name a few). Some of its additional scents are ivy leaves, sparkling neroli, creamy tuberose, mineral musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, and glowing amberwoods.

A Warm Scent When You Feel Luxurious

When you’re feeling a little fancy and luxe, the right fragrance will likely be warm with a touch of spice. This category typically boasts specific scents like vanilla, amber, and sandalwood. Myth by Ellis Brooklyn may just fit the bill for you—with ambrette seeds, jasmine petals, pink lotus, musk, tiger orchid, and cedarwood. It is described as “unforgettably gorgeous yet subtle” and inspired by “clean sheets and sun-warmed skin.” 

A Woody Scent When You Feel Confident

When you’re feeling strong and confident, whether in your work or social life, choose a woody scent to match your mood. Some ingredients that effectively evoke this scent are moss, pine, and bark. Book Expressive by Commodity is a popular option that has warm notes of black tea, sandalwood and cedarwood. It is described as “nostalgic” and “crisp” with just the right amount of softness and freshness intermixed. Who says strength can’t be more subtle anyway? You don’t always have to wear your confidence on your sleeve.

Your Corresponding Mood and Perfume

We don’t often consider just how significant our olfactory is—until we get a whiff of freshly cut grass to remind us of childhood summers. Or a subtle but lingering scent in the air that brings us back to a particular memory or person. That’s because our sense of smell plays a much bigger role in our lives than we realize.

And our brains make important associations using our senses all the time. Rather than haphazardly choosing a fragrance, you may want to consider one that corresponds to your mood. Whether that’s woody, warm, fresh or floral, it might just help you remember that particular feeling when you look back on it.

Robyn Karmazyn | Contributing Writer

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