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Best Enviro Luxe Brands Now

In a world saturated with fast fashion and increasing concerns about climate change, sustainability has become an important consideration. Many industries are reviewing their business

Why Adults Love Watching Teen Movies

Spend 20 or so minutes with a millennial or a Gen Zer and there’s a good chance they’ll reference Clueless or Mean Girls. It’s hard

Breaking the Stress Cycle with Power Yoga

Rooted in the early twentieth-century practice of ashtanga yoga, power yoga makes use of vinyasa —movements between different yoga poses performed in combination with regulated

Why Do We Crave Comfort Food?

Why Do We Crave Comfort Food?  Ever crave something salty after a stressful workday? Or eat chocolates after a serious break-up like Elle Woods in

Christmas Charcuterie Boards

When it comes to hosting a big group, charcuterie boards are the essence of entertainment and a crowd pleaser. While “charcuterie” traditionally means various cured

Ten Places to See Across Canada

Stawamus Chief Hike in Squamish, BC, has three peaks and can be completed in a day. It can be a challenge, so take some breaks

Jasmine Fares, Founder of FARES

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Fares.  Social media content creator, hijab model, and now fashion designer, Jasmine Fares has been a long-time advocate for modesty. Having

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