Lip Gloss is Back and Better! How to Make it Look Good on You


Spring 2024

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All trends are cyclical, and so it’s inevitable that things that went out of style will eventually make a comeback. With matte liquid lipsticks becoming a thing of the not-so-distant past, you may find yourself seeing more and more lip glosses on the shelves. While you may be looking at all of these glossy products in horror, getting hit with flashbacks of the sticky messes we all wore in the early 2000s, fear not, lip gloss’s comeback is a little classier this time around.

Rather than trying to look as glossy as possible, the goal here is to make your lips look a little plump, and to match the rest of your dewy makeup. In order to achieve this, you need to look at lip gloss in a whole new light, as this product is very different from lipstick and should not be applied in the same way. 


The first thing you’ll want to consider is colour or no colour at all. You know best when it comes to what looks good, but this will also dictate the rest of your application routine. There are also a lot of glosses with different textures ranging from sparkly to naturally shiny. So, you’ll want to choose which one best suits the look that you’re going for. 

Now comes the actual application, which can be broken down into 5 steps: 

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Lim Balm Then Blot 
  3. Lip Liner/Foundation/Concealer 
  4. Lipstick/Setting Powder
  5. Gloss


Make sure to take care of your lips first. Remove any dead skin that may cause your application to be uneven. Lips that are peeling are also less likely to hold onto product, so you’ll find yourself reapplying more often throughout the day.

There are many gentle yet effective lip exfoliators available on the market, and starting out by using one of these is crucial in taking care of your lips, no matter whether you’re applying lip gloss, lip stick, or lip balm.

Lip Balm Then Blot 

Next, apply some lip balm. Again, use your favourite one, the specific product you use is entirely up to your preferences. Your lips are at risk of becoming dry throughout the day, and you’ll want to protect them from environmental factors that will damage the skin. 

Let the product soak into your skin before blotting any excess. You don’t want your lips to be too wet, as lip gloss will have a hard time holding onto a wet base.

Lip Liner/Foundation/Concealer

Just like lipstick, lip gloss works best when paired with a product that is designed to ensure that your lip products stay on your lips. So, line your lips with lip liner, foundation, or concealer. Which product you use depends on the colour that you have decided to wear. Choose the product that complements your lips and the colour of your gloss the best and apply it. 

Be aware, while using a darker colour lip liner underneath a lighter lipstick can look very nice, it will not have the same effect under gloss. It is highly recommended that if you are using a lip liner, that it is the same shade as your gloss. 

Lipstick/Setting Powder 

Now onto the next layer, lipstick or setting powder. If you really want to make your lips pop, then consider using a lipstick that is the same colour as your gloss underneath. Not only will your gloss stick to your lips better, but your whole look will be so much bolder. 

If you’d like a more natural look, apply setting powder to your lips. It will mattify your lips and help prevent the product from slipping and sliding around.


Finally, it’s time for gloss. When it comes to lip gloss, less is more. It’s ill-advised that you apply lip gloss the same way that you would apply lipstick. Instead, apply lip gloss in the middle of your bottom lip only, then rub your lips together. This will create a more even application and will stop you from overdoing it.

Keep in mind, that lip gloss is not formulated with long-wear in mind. You will still need to reapply, albeit fewer times throughout the day.

Lily Frances | Staff Writer

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