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Spring 2024

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Overhauling your work wardrobe requires careful planning. That’s because many feel the pressure to follow the crowd. With more women making a presence at the workplace, there is no need to follow a specific style.

Nevertheless, you can still look professional and trendy by donning a classic business attire that creates a new look for every day at work. After all, the last thing you want is to wear the same outfit twice a week.  Although looking through your wardrobe to find a suitable outfit might seem challenging, you can create a capsule wardrobe with essential, versatile pieces that stand out. 

Here is a selection of six unique, essential pieces that every working woman should invest in to complement her wardrobe for work.

Business Suit and Blazer

So many business outfits come and fade. Nevertheless, the classic business suit and blazer have been a staple for years. A classic business suit denotes associations with power, status, and gender. It makes a woman girded for the day and well-suited for official meetings. 

A business suit can also complement a blazer with a different colour. Having many blazers with different colours is the best way to change your look. For example, a one-button blazer with peak lapels can smarten up your outfit and match various styles. You can pair a red, navy blue, or grey blazer with stylish trousers or a pencil skirt. Apart from a formal blazer, investing in a colourful chic blazer can add a sense of style to your appearance. 

Essential tops and Business shirts

Business shirts are a stylish way for you to look professional. You can branch out by selecting shirts in different colours to wear every day of the week. Once you find a shirt you like, whether textured, printed, or shaped, you can pair it up with your favourite business outfit. 

For an elegant look, go for a classic white poplin cotton shirt, navy blue, or a floral print shirt. The more shirts you have in your selection, the more variety of colours you can work with to match them with any trousers or skirts. 

Business Dress

A business dress is perfect for summer. With so many styles to choose from, you will want to wear a dress with an acceptable length and is office-appropriate. Revealing dresses with plunging necklines or backless dresses might not come off as professional. 

Although there is nothing wrong with jazzing up your sense of style, choosing a tasteful and fitting dress works in your interest. You can always accessorize the dress with a matching bag, pearl necklace, or jewellery of your choice. 

Business Skirt

Having a variety of skirts in your wardrobe helps you create timeless, varied looks that are fun, stylish, and comfortable. They are also great to wear in summer because they keep you cool and can complement tights in winter to keep you warm on your commute. You can match any coloured shirt of your choice with a grey wool pencil skirt or a flared Midi skirt for a more relaxed vibe that exudes professionalism. 

Business Pants

When choosing a suitable style for work, finding a pair of pants that fit without being too baggy or tight can be difficult. One of the best options is a looser pair that crops at the ankle or a professional yet relaxed fit that’s comfortable. Working pants, or trousers just like a professional business suit, have been a classic staple in working women’s closets for years. 

Investing in a trendy pair can add elegance and style to your look. With various cuts, i.e., high-waisted, wide-leg trousers and cropped, you can easily pair them with high heels or a sleeveless blouse for a fashionable look. For casual Fridays, choose jeans with subtle dark colours; avoid stonewashed or low-contrast stitching. 

Trench Coat

 When fall and winter kick in, a trench coat keeps you warm and adds a refined look to your matching outfit. With a variety of styles to choose from, the trench coat is still maintaining its timeless connotation as the purveyor of elegance. New materials, bright colours, and bold prints made the trench coat a hip accessory for both young and old women alike.

You can choose a traditional style like a cream-breasted trench coat or opt for a contemporary pastel pink coat with hidden buttons to tie your whole look together, and ensure that you stay stylish from the moment you arrive at work until you go home.

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

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