Tips for Styling a Sweater Dress


Summer 2024

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With the colder months fast approaching, for most people—I believe, it’s that time of the year to start decluttering and rearranging their wardrobes from light summer outfits to comfy yet stylish warmer ensembles. A firm favourite of mine over the years has been the sweater dress for the simple reason that it’s one of the most stylish clothing for late fall and the winter season. Sweater dresses come in different lengths, fit, and designs. Some designs have turtlenecks, while some are designed in the more common round necks. The more stylish ones have V-necks, halter necks, cowl neck, and off the shoulder designs. Long sweater dresses are usually the obvious choice in the cold winter months while the shorter, sleeveless, and spaghetti straps design alternatives can be worn during the not so cold months of the year. Whatever is your preference or type of sweater dress to wear, and whichever season of the year you choose to adorn one; there’s no argument that these tips will help you wear them as stylishly as needed.

With a Belt 

A person wearing a brown sweater dress and a leather jacket

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One style that won’t go away anytime soon for sweater dresses is the belt around the waist. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big belt or small size, a belt loosely tied or fitted around the waist on a sweater dress will bring out the figure of the wearer. It will also take a previously casual look to a dress-up style in a flash. Also, topping it with a hat will take the dress to another level of making a fashion statement.

With Boots

A person wearing a sweater and boots

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Depending on the length of the dress, a nice pair of ankle boots will always go well with a sweater dress. Also, depending on how hot the weather is you can style it with a pair of semi-thick socks or leggings to make the dress pop more. A knee length boot will work too, same for a pair of thigh-high boots, plus it doesn’t matter if the dress is long or short as both fits will work just fine.

With a Coat/Jacket 

A person wearing a white coat and purple dress

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A jacket or trench coat in any material, be it leather, or the more traditional khaki-coloured trench coat made from gabardine material; will be the best styling for this look. Usually leaving the buttons or zip undone—the coat or jacket will work as an added outer layer of covering for the sweater dress, for style and for comfort on those very cold days. Also, the length of the jacket is immaterial as any will suit just fine, although shorter waist-long leather jackets will be a great choice. For coats, the traditional knee-length long trench coat remains unbeaten.

With a Scarf 

A person in a black dress and brown boots

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Covering the upper part of your sweater dress in a chic scarf will definitely give the dress a distinct pop. Style the dress by tying the scarf around the collar or shoulder to produce that dramatic effect. Try a plain shade coloured scarf over a bright coloured sweater dress, or vice versa for the best combination of this style.

With Hair Accessories

A person wearing a hat

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Hair accessories are a nice way to style your sweater dress. And the reason is simple—most sweater dresses usually come in a single colour or shade, therefore, styling your dress with bright hair accessories will make a big fashion statement. Try a flower hair clip affixed to the side of the hair for effect, or a big sun hat. Either of this accessory will ensure that your sweater dress will go from casual to a chic and party look in a matter of minutes. One tip is to wear a flower hair clip that matches the shade of your purse or handbag. And if a hat is worn instead, it should match the colour of the boots or whatever shoes are worn. 

Chinenye Emezie | Assistant Editor

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