Easy Hairstyles to Try This Winter


Summer 2024

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It’s winter, which means it’s time for cold, dry weather, and winds that even the best hairsprays are no match for. Finding a hairstyle that looks good and withstands winter damage is a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. 

For winter, it’s best to style your hair with an easy style, something that doesn’t require a lot of heat styling, and will hold in moisture. Below is a list of just a few of the many cute and easy winter hairstyles that you should consider rocking this winter!


French Braid

Classic and elegant, this hairstyle is easy, will help keep your hair out of your face, and will protect it from the harsh weather by keeping the hair together. It can be messy, or tight, the options are really endless.

Protective Braids 

There are many different kinds to choose from, with Senegalese twists, box braids, cornrows and the Fulani braids pictured above being a few examples. Protective braids help textured hair retain moisture and remain tangle-free. 


Regular Ponytail

This hairstyle is easy and classic. You can wear this styled-down, with a bit of a messy look, or styled-up and slicked-back if you’re going to an event that’s a bit more formal. You can also dress it up using accessories.

High Ponytail 

These kinds of ponytails look good with turtlenecks, scarves or statement earrings, and again, can be styled up or down, depending on your look. They can also be slicked back with a styled bang to create what the internet is labelling the “barbie ponytail”, pictured above, or you can channel your inner Ariana Grande by pulling all of your hair off your face.

Bubble Ponytail 

The 90s are back, and many of us may remember wearing this look as a kid. To achieve this look, pull your hair into a high ponytail, and then wrap elastics down the ponytail at one-inch intervals. Then, pull on each section gently to get the bubble effect. This style is cute, easy, and is a good one if you want to protect your hair from the winter weather. 


Messy Bun

The perfect lazy girl look, the loose flowing strands frame the face for a soft look, while also protecting your hair from harsh winds and the dry air. When paired with a knit headband they can be ultra-casual, and when paired with pins and statement earrings they can be perfect for a formal event.

Treatment Bun

The treatment bun is a slicked-back bun using a protective hair treatment or mask to create the slicked look. This is another one that looks stylish while locking in much-needed moisture.


Claw Clips 

If you’re in a bit of a hurry, but still want to style your hair in a bun, claw clips are in, and are a great way to have a put-together look with very little effort.


Whether bedazzled or not, headbands are a very cute accessory that can really add to your outfit. You can also get a little experimental with using a ribbon rather than a regular headband to style your hair. 


A ponytail with a large bow is a very cute and versatile style. You can go for a single, oversized bow, smaller bows to add a little more to your bubble ponytail, or to finish off the bottom of a braid.


You can use pins in a bun or a half up half down look, and they don’t have to be plain. Whether you prefer classic hidden pins to keep your hair in place or want to add a little extra to your look by going with something a little different, pins are an easy choice to bring a look together.

Regular Clips 

We all know that the 90s are in style right now. So, what better way to keep your hair out of your face in a trendy way than adding oversized clips to each side of your hair? They come in so many sizes, colours, and feature all kinds of different shapes. So go forth and bring out your inner teen with this look!

Lily Frances | Staff Writer

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