The Most Instagrammable Bathrooms Around the World


Spring 2024

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When you’re searching for moments in life to immortalize on Instagram, you might not assume time spent in a bathroom could make the cut. But you’d be surprised how fancy and artistic bathrooms can get. It’s a matter of whether or not the people in charge of a space prioritize bathrooms and deem them worthy of thoughtful consideration—and why shouldn’t they? You only go to the bathroom to relieve yourself, clean yourself up, and even take a breather from awkward situations. Without further ado, here is a list of bathrooms you may actually want to photograph and post on your Instagram.

13 Hotel Bathroom / Macau, China

Stained glass and gold are the mainstays of this jaw-dropping bathroom. Judging by the bathroom alone, a night at 13 Hotel won’t come cheap—but if you can afford a stay, you’re going to want to take some pictures. A bathroom perhaps doesn’t get fancier than this.  

Courtesy of Macau Lifestyle

Aquarium Toilet / HiPoPo PaPa; Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Yes, an actual aquarium. The fish are real. The tank, which takes the place of walls in this little bathroom, contains approximately 300 tropical fish. As you can probably imagine, their water bill is extreme, roughly $2000 CAD a month. But it’s worth it. The fish are loved. 

No photo description available.

Courtesy of Tourism Hyogo Japan | Facebook

Kendall Jenner’s Gold Bathtub

Though you’re probably never going to be able to see supermodel Kendall Jenner’s bathroom in the flesh and snap a picture for your Instagram, we had to include her bathroom in our list. After all, her bathtub is gold and costs $40K. You’ll see the display of wealth on her social media every so often.

No photo description available.

Courtesy of Kendall Jenner | Facebook 

Carved Stone Bathroom / La Sultana Marrakech, Morocco

If you were on Tumblr back in the day, you probably saw this one picture of a green stone bathtub circulating. It’s still traceable on the internet to this very day—probably because the tub and its associated bathroom represent a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to take a soak in a green cave-like alcove in the midst of dim mood lighting?

Courtesy of Reddit

Longwood Gardens’ Green Wall / Pennsylvania

The bathrooms in Longwood Gardens are an absolute picture of serenity. Over 17 private washrooms are built into a long, bright hallway of walls covered in lush greenery. Walls teeming with living plants was lovely enough of a concept, but then they decided only one visitor at a time could use each available bathroom. Truly ahead of the curve!

Courtesy of Reddit

Robot Restaurant Bathroom / Tokyo, Japan

It’s extravagant, it’s gaudy, it’s awesome. Genuinely the correct bathroom for the setting: a flashy Japanese restaurant that runs shows where robots and giant dinosaurs dance on stage. Maybe not your idea of luxury, but this bathroom is 1000 per cent Instagrammable, and it’s not cheap to get into this restaurant either.

Bathroom at the Robot Restaurant

Courtesy of Choosy Traveler 

Listen, the Snow is Falling Washroom / Art Preserve, John Michael Kohler Arts Center / Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center, including the associated Art Preserve, commissioned professional artists to transform their facility bathrooms into art instillations. Artists Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley took inspiration from Emery Blagdon’s “Healing Machine” and centred their design around the concept of “climbing into a different state of existence or plane of imagination.”

Courtesy of

Wild Madder Washroom / Art Preserve, John Michael Kohler Arts Center / Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The bathrooms at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Art Preserve are amazing! We couldn’t only pick one. Designed by artist Beth Lipman, the Wild Madder restroom pays homage to the more than 1,280 plant species discovered in Sheboygan.

A bathroom with a stone wall and a mirror

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Courtesy of

Social History of Architecture Washroom / John Michael Kohler Arts Center / Sheboygan, Wisconsin

We’re including yet another bathroom from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center because they’re just that remarkable. This particular bathroom is at the Arts Center’s flagship art museum. The purpose of the artwork by Matt Nolen is to show the progression of architectural design throughout history.

undefined - Matt Nolen, The Social History of Architecture (detail, west wing men's washroom), 1999; vitreous china and glaze. John Michael Kohler Arts Center Collection.

Courtesy of

Gold Swan Bathrooms / Ritz Paris / France

Hotel Ritz Paris committed a lot of money to the renovations of their bathrooms, and it appears to have been worth it. The chic lavatories have left an impression on guests. Aside from calming cream-coloured walls with gold and peach accents, punctuated by the occasional white marble, their glam comes from a signature feature: golden swan-shaped faucets.

Rooms & Suites | The Ritz Paris

Courtesy of Ritz Paris

Luke Miles | Staff Writer

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