Embracing the Great Canadian Winter in Style


Summer 2024

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We’ve all been there before – wanting to look cute and stylish with fewer layers, so we skip out on the hat, scarf, and mittens. We even leave our jacket undone to flaunt our beautiful sweater underneath. There’s just one problem. The moment we step outside, we feel the cold creep into our bones. The icy wind stings our ears, and our fingers and toes begin to lose feeling. 

It’s time for a change folks. Time to say goodbye to frostbite and hello to stylish solutions that are guaranteed to keep you warm all winter long. 

If you’ve visited or lived in Canada, you might argue that we only have two seasons in the year: Summer and Winter. Fall and Spring often bring such cold temperatures that they seem more like extensions of the winter season. October through April may feel unbearable, but unlike the grizzlies, we don’t have the option to hibernate for seven months. We have commitments to attend to, errands to run, family and friends to visit, and most importantly work to commute to and from each day. 

If we must leave our home, why not do it in style and warmth? Winter accessories can be both cozy and fashionable when carefully picked. So go ahead, spend time outdoors, but we highly recommend putting on the following accessories if you don’t want to feel Old Man Winter. 


This scarf is made in Scotland from 100% cashmere. While it may feel like a splurge, think of it as an investment. Of the seven months you have to wear it each year, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Johnstons of Elgin Fringed cashmere scarf – Net-a-Porter ($215)


Adorned with gold detailing, this cable knit hat with a soft removable pom pom is made from angora wool and cashmere. Try finding a hat more luxurious than that. 

Burley Pom Pom Hat – Luxy London ($86)


Have you ever wanted to keep your hair in a ponytail AND wear a hat at the same time? You’re in luck because this fuzzy headband keeps your ears toasty without ruining your perfectly styled updo. 

Knit Winter Headband – Garage ($20)

Ear Muffs

These faux fur fluffy earmuffs give off a chic, ski-lodge aesthetic.

Rex Rabbit Faux Fur Earmuffs – Bloomingdale’s ($50)


For The Corporate Queen

This sophisticated coat is designed to deliver warmth in temperatures that have dropped to -20°C. Imported from Italy, this coat is tailored with ReCamel Wool – a mix of recycled camel hair and virgin wool. 

Babaton The Slouch Coat – Aritzia ($398)

For The Snow Bunny

These are for the ladies who spend lots of time outdoors. Do you snowshoe? Ice skate? Ski? Snowboard? Well, you might consider such activities after making this purchase. This goose down coat keeps you warm in extreme cold temperatures as cold as -30° Celsius. It’s specifically designed with water-repellent fabric, so you don’t get soaked when it rains or snows. I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want your puff coat to make you  look like you’ve been swallowed up by a marshmallow. Good thing the designers were one step ahead. This Chalet Puff jacket includes a cinchable drawcord waist to give you that cinched waist and break up the puffiness so that you can look stylish and bundled up. 

Wilfred The Chalet Puff  – Aritzia ($298)


This sleek boot protects against rain, puddles, and slush. Feel free to stomp around and dance in the rain with these bad boys on. There’s even a lugged sole which provides traction on slippery surfaces to prevent slips and falls.

Dolce Vita Stormy H2O Waterproof Chelsea Boot – Nordstrom ($75)  


We know you’re a busy woman constantly on-the-go. Whether it be for work, kids, family, or all of the above, you need to be able to access your phone at all times. Most mittens and gloves don’t provide that kind of functionality. Moshi is not like most brands. Thanks to their high-tech conductive fiber touchscreen gloves which allow for responsive and accurate screen usage, they make it possible for you to use your phone while keeping your hands extra toasty.

Digits Touchscreen Gloves – Moshi ($29) 


These socks have a sixth sense. If you live in a city that gets a lot of snow or rain, you’ve likely experienced a time where your feet have gotten wet, but you’re outside your home without an extra pair of socks to change into. We know all too well that wet socks are a recipe for disaster and are bound to give off an unpleasant odor. The brand six-socks created the perfect sock to resist that smell. These socks are designed with Ionic Silver Technology which has permanent anti-odour and anti-microbial protection. Not only are they great for the winter season, but they are also great for working out and daily wear because of their cushioned sole which adds a layer of comfort no matter what shoe you are wearing.

Silver Solid Ribbed Socks – Six-Socks ($17.90)

Jackie Marson | Contributing Writer

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