The Best Indoor Smart Gardens for Your Home


Summer 2024

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Garden enthusiasts can’t go without growing and planting, even when the winter season arrives. They are always blessed with the gift of a green thumb. The idea of having fresh herbs and vegetables is simply too good for them to give up. That’s where smart gardens come in. Indoor smart gardens offer a rewarding opportunity to grow your favourite produce by utilizing smart technology to assist with planting, caring, and harvesting indoors. 

Some of the perks of smart gardens include reminding you when to water your plants or adjusting the light to an appropriate setting for optimal growth. Smart gardens even come with pre-seeded plant pods; all you need to do is add water and turn on the LED lights. A few types fit on kitchen countertops while others are large enough to grow 36 plants at once! 

With so many brands to choose from, knowing which one to pick can be tricky. We have compiled a few options that you will love to get your hands on.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3
If you are short on space, the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is small enough to fit on your kitchen countertop. Roughly about the size of a loaf of bread, it has room to nurture three plant pods at a time. Choose from 75 different plant types, including basil, lettuce, lavender, and strawberries. 

Although it’s small, the Click and Grow can hold a lot of water. The device keeps track of water levels using a tiny hollow plastic marker that floats within the water tank. It comes with a complimentary set of three basil plant pods and features a handy app.

Gardyn allows you to enjoy fresh produce all year round, giving you the option to grow at home and save at the grocery store. It can grow up to 30 plants simultaneously, using integrated LED light sensors. It includes a fully autonomous, built-in, six-gallon water reservoir. An integrated app lets you gauge water levels, humidity, and temperature. 

The smart garden device has a vacation mode setting to preserve your plants when you are away from home. Smart artificial intelligence technology allows you to remotely check in on your plants using the app and Gardyn’s embedded vision system. 

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System
The iDOO Hydroponics Growing System provides a budget-friendly alternative to other brands. Complete with space for seven plant pods, it lets you harvest several plants at once. Its state-of-the-art features include 24W LED lights that simulate sunlight, two water pump modes, and a five-litre water tank. 

You can choose from three light modes, depending on the stage of your plant’s growth. You can also adjust the light’s height so that it moves with your plants when they grow. 

Edn Smart Garden
The Edn Smart Garden is perhaps the best-looking smart garden in the market. Made of wood and metal, its sleek look accentuates the appearance of any indoor countertop, giving it a decorative element. The growth lights are stored in anodized aluminum, and the exterior of the garden bed is constructed of sustainable walnut wood. 

It has space for ten plant pods and comes with an app that easily connects on your phone to track your plants growth. You can use the Edn app to set up your garden’s light schedule and check its water levels. The app allows you to receive notifications when your plants need water and when they are ready to harvest. 

Aerogarden Harvest Elite
Aerogarden Harvest Elite makes the process of growing your favourite produce faster, expediting the growth process from plant to plate. It allows plants to grow five times faster without herbicides, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

It includes automatic reminders for water and nutrients, so you’ll never have to guess when your plants need something. A touch screen at the base of the unit tells you when water is running low and when to add nutrients. A customizable feature allows you to dim the lights when you need a calmer ambience. The vacation mode setting uses less light to reduce the plants’ growth and consumption when you are away. 

With all they have to offer, indoor smart gardens are certainly a smart alternative to outdoor gardening. Besides adding a decorative element to your home or apartment, they allow you to grow everything from your favourite produce to herbs effortlessly. 

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

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