Fashion Forward Accessories: 10 Silk Face Masks to Wear This Winter


Summer 2024

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Although the pandemic is winding down, masks are making a fashion statement like never before. Designer brands around the globe capitalized on the trauma by producing fashionable masks with different styles and materials, replete with sequins, colourful patterns, and memes.

Unlike other materials like cotton, silk masks can effectively repel aerosol droplets like the ones that carry Covid. With so many types of fabrics appearing on the market, researchers are investigating the effectiveness of silk masks. For instance, in 2020, research by the University of Cincinnati showed that silk masks are more effective at preventing small aerosols from spreading than masks made of materials like cotton and polyester. 

Many ladies want to look fashionable, and now that face coverings will be part of our lives for some time, it is worth investing in a stylish one that accentuates your appearance. If you feel your skin is experiencing blemishes and breakouts due to a face covering, a silk mask might be the solution. Here are ten stylish options you could consider on your next outing.


Slip has created a luxurious face mask for women made from 100 percent pure mulberry silk. Effortlessly elegant, the face mask comes in a variety of styles. Among the silk fabrics, mulberry silk is unique in its own right because it refers to domesticated silk that comes from purebred silkworms. These silkworms are raised in captivity and are only fed Mulberry tree leaves, producing refined and pure silk. 


Another unique style that boasts the refined quality of mulberry silk is the Roseward face mask. The mask has an interior filter pocket and adjustable ear loops for added comfort. It comes in a variety of colours like blue, dark purple, white, taupe, and green.

Super Soft Silk Face Mask

Looking stylish has gained a whole new meaning with the Super Soft face mask. Made of mulberry silk, the face mask is smooth, ideal for sensitive skin. It is also machine washable, which is an extra bonus. 

M.M Linen

The M.M silk face masks make a unique statement, adding an elegant appeal to the fashionable lady. Crafted with three layers of luxuriously smooth silk, it protects you from flying droplets without being too harsh on your skin, thanks to its smooth, soft texture. The mask has adjustable poly stretch straps and comes in four distinct colours including copper, olive, champagne, and blush. 

Night Silk face Mask

The Night silk face masks are unique; they include seven disposable filters that can be layered below the mask for added protection. Unlike other face masks that can irritate your skin, this one has a comfortable feel that hugs your face for a secure seal and is comfortable to wear for an extended period. The non-absorbent nature of silk keeps your skin hydrated.

Clique Plush Silk Face Mask

The Clique face mask is reusable and has a double layer with an extra pocket. You can easily hand, or machine wash it using a delicate detergent. It includes an adjustable ear loop and nose clip for added comfort.

MAM Silk Face mask

Mask 324 by MAM has more than silk appeal; it is also an accessory. The pink face mask is made from quality silk; its inner material is lined with organic cotton, giving it a relaxed yet luxurious feel. The mask is compatible with all filters; you can easily customize it according to your preference. 

Emily Carter Baroque Print silk face covering

Thanks to her ingenious way of styling her designer masks, Emily Carter has redefined what a traditional face mask looks like. The mask has two layers of silk twill cloaked in an intricate baroque-inspired motif. Ever soft, the silk mask comes with two adjustable elastic straps that loop comfortably behind your ears.

The Big Silk Face Mask

Soft and smooth, the Big Silk mulberry face mask is gentle on the skin, causing less irritation than other materials. Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic, the mulberry silk masks are recommended by dermatologists and are suitable for all skin types. 

Puresilk Face Mask

Remarkably breathable, the Puresilk facemasks optimize comfort and style. Featuring multiple layers, they can easily be snug behind your ears and are firm yet gentle. The masks also have an opening to slide in a disposable filter or tissue for added protection. 

Unsurprisingly, face masks have become a means of personal expression. And for good reason; the styles above can add an elegant touch to your next outing! 

David Messiha | Staff Writer

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