What Your Bag Style Says About You


Summer 2024

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The bag is a make-or-break element of any stylish ensemble.  

With clothing, you can get away with clashing colors in the name of being bold. Passersby can forgive your choice of shoes if the rest of your outfit is on point. But your handbag, purse, or clutch will constantly come under scrutiny,  consciously or subconsciously. Be it a belt, a tote, a crossbody, or a bucket, your choice of bag style speaks volumes. 

Not convinced? Spend one day carrying your contents in a Hermes Kelly Rose Gold handbag then the next carrying them in a reusable grocery bag. 

Your bag is indicative of more than your style: it’s a glimpse into the type of person you are. Find out what your bag style says about you.


Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

The sleek edges and small size make a clutch a fashionable, though not supremely functional bag for a variety of uses. It’s an ideal choice for quick runs to the store, nights out at the club, and traveling light while abroad. Many prefer it to a larger bag like a crossbody or tote, but others may consider it a peculiar preference for everyday use. 

A clutch has limited space, which projects the idea that you’re either an exceptionally efficient or minimalist person, or that you’re so easy-going that you have zero fear of getting to your destination underprepared. 


Photo by amazon.ca

The crossbody bag is such an effortlessly easy accessory to leave the house with. It’s a reasonably sufficient and stylish choice, one that can respectably balance everyday errands as well as taking on daily duties at work. While it is a natural alternative to a clutch or satchel, there are some who may perceive that a crossbody is too much of an “on-the-go” accessory for formal contexts. 

Over the last decade, younger crowds have gravitated toward the crossbody; unfortunately, this promotes the idea that this bag is hipper and spunkier than mature and practical. Heading into your office with a crossbody might send the wrong impression, particularly in more buttoned-up settings.


Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

A satchel is often overlooked in the closet, yet it shouldn’t be. It’s an exceptionally resourceful bag that manages its space and style in equal measure. A bag we envision modern-day Goldilocks traipsing around town with, it’s not too large yet versatile enough to take on whatever the workday or weekend throws at you.

Sadly, some may view  a satchel as a little too efficient, and you a little too organized. With the professionalism vibes might also come an assumption that you’re too focused on being the maker of your own destiny, as a satchel doesn’t scream “go with the flow”. 


Photo by Tereza Rubá on Unsplash

The tote is the total package. Available from both budget-friendly and bank-breaking designers, the tote has room for everything except excuses. It’s a workhorse of an accessory that can pull its own weight in the style department. Power, sophistication, and preparedness overflow from its rim, though that’s not always a positive thing.

 Tote carriers are sometimes perceived as goal-setters, go-getters, and game-changers. They can also be viewed as overly serious, unnecessarily prepared, and too much to handle. Carrying around a tote is the opposite extreme of a clutch: just because you can lug around everything “just in case” doesn’t make it a pragmatic option. 


Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

Let’s cut right to the chase: the micro is an absolutely impractical bag to carry around. It’s comically small, essentially a pocket that you can pass from one outfit to the next. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one in your closet: the micro says quite a lot for its short stature. 

A luxury brand micro makes a strong statement in the right arenas. Everyone knows it’s a bare necessity bag which means they’re immediately drawn to its value. Consider it on par with a pricey pendant necklace or a diamond bracelet: its air of lavishness will do all of the talking for you.

The type of bag that you choose doesn’t define who you are. In many ways, the right bag can help you redefine how you approach a variety of situations. But just as it can make your life run more smoothly, it can also influence the way society perceives your persona. Always choose the bag that’s right for your needs, and whenever those needs include impressing the masses, choose the one that speaks your truth.

Nick Dauk | Contributing Writer

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