Tips to Care for Your Natural Tresses


Spring 2024

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Hair is one of the most exciting yet nail-biting mediums to experiment with. Clinical psychologist and author Gemma Cribb explains in an interview with The Daily Mail that an inclination to experiment with one’s fashion and beauty decisions, especially in one’s twenties, could lead to an individual’s success in the future, resulting from the tendency to try new things out rather than shying away. 

However promising an experimental attitude sounds, haircare requires sticking to regimes in general. Here are a few tips to care for your hair in its natural state. 

Blood Work & Allergy Test

Sometimes, the state of your hair depends entirely on external circumstances, which is why it is important to go in for your scheduled checkups with a physician to test and treat various imbalances, such as a lack of vitamins or hormonal imbalances affecting the growth and volume of your hair. 

Steaming Cap

Raise your hand if your favorite part about going to get your hair done at a salon is the wash and dry bar that includes a toasty, complimentary head massage. But a sense of relaxation is not the only benefit of this treatment: increased collagen production and blood flow, a result of steaming the scalp, contribute to scalp health. You will typically notice that your hair will be able to lock in oil treatments more effectively, and there will be an improvement in elasticity.

Custom Hair Care

We all know two heads of hair are never alike. Therefore, finding a balanced shampoo and conditioner can be irritable and costly. 

Prose is a great platform that curates bespoke hair care products for everyone. You can choose formulas based on the texture of your hair, stress levels, weather, workout routine and more. They also use sustainably sourced whole ingredients that are backed by science to ensure quality. 

Shower Comb

Over-washing your hair can lead to throwing your scalp’s microbiome off. We actually need certain bacteria to maintain good pH levels and ward off unwelcome microbes. 

Wet brushes are very useful for getting shampoo to your scalp and achieving a deep clean. This method can help minimize washes by ensuring excess dirt and built-up oil won’t stick around. 

Hair Sunscreen

Just like your face and body, SPF is essential in preserving a healthy scalp and mane. 

UV rays are habitually known to cause oxidative stress to living cells, even with the protection of your hair. The sun may cause sunburn, skin cancer and elementary concerns like dullness. Yes, your beach bag may just have become bigger — but the volume is worth it.

In conclusion, hair truly is like a flower. When you continually nourish it from root to tip, the growth and blooming process can feel like a big accomplishment. You just have to plant the seeds first. 

Sadie Kromm | Contributing Writer

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