Chriselle Lim: Fragrance as ‘An Extension of Style


Spring 2024

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Photo Courtesy of Chriselle Lim

If you’re a mega fan of TikTok’s favourite single rich mom, you’ll note how Chriselle Lim delights in coordinating her outfits with her fragrances to create extravagant looks inspired by her feelings. “I pair my fragrances with the type of outfits and mood I’m in,” wrote Lim in an Instagram post last March.  

Life as a Stylist

Prior to her latest venture, the mega influencer relished in an illustrious career in fashion as a wardrobe stylist. She also oversees her fashion blog, The Chriselle Factor. Lim’s distinguished profile comes with its perks as well: the fashionista graces lavish events and fashion shows from the world’s most prominent designers. 

Today, Lim is immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, having established several businesses, including her brand company, CINC. Studios, and Bümo, a parenting and education brand. 

Lim’s name is also synonymous with her latest business venture, Phlur. While fragrance and style typically wouldn’t fall under the same category, Lim told Glamour: “Fragrance is like an extension of style, depending on like how you feel.” To understand this unique fashion ideology, Elixuer will look at how Lim expresses herself through the styles she pairs with Phlur’s fragrances.

Apricot Privée

To promote the latest addition to Phlur’s line, Lim delicately poses over a rattan chair in a kitchen, taking in the scent of Apricot Privée. In contrast to the neutral colours surrounding her, Lim’s vibrant orange, crochet-patterned dress draws us in. The long, form-fitting dress reflects the colour of the scent’s eponymous fruit. The style complements the lingering notes of apricot and plum from the fragrance. It is also sweet and private, much like the slightly revealing dress that gives off a sense of intimacy.


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Apricot Privée hit the stores on May 20, so be sure to get it while it’s hot before it does what Phlur fragrances do best — sells out! 

Lost Cause

Lim refers to Lost Cause as a ‘cool girl scent.’ The airy, woody, and floral aromas accompanied by a hint of citrus from Italian bergamot radiates confidence and gives you empowering, girl-boss vibes. Described by Phlur as adventurous and chic, Lost Cause inspired Lim to channel these themes through several outfits — most notably, through this sassy ensemble. 


Todays Vibe: Don’t F with me or my money 😎


Lim pulls up in high-waisted black pants, a sleeveless, white crop vest, and a heavy pearl necklace with a shimmering, silver orb pendant.

As she slips into Fendi heels, a long black cardigan, and adds slender black shades to her face, Lim channels the sophisticated, confident cool girl the fragrance embodies. The vibrant red lip and slicked back ponytail complement her outfit and overall look.  

Not Your Baby

Lim matches the spicy, provocative nature of Not Your Baby with a black motorcycle jacket embossed with huge silver buttons and a draped, pink mini skirt. Her hair is teased, giving us the spicy vibe you would get from the perfume’s cardamom and mimosa notes. 

For the fragrance’s promo video, another of Lim’s outfits speaks to the scent and feel of Not Your Baby. Here, Lim sports a sleeveless, pink crop top and black, high-waisted pants. She playfully dangles her chunky, neon-platformed shoes in the air as she responds to her lover’s texts. This fun, playful outfit embodies the sweet, candy-like undertones of the fragrance. 

One TikToker who reviewed Not Your Baby claimed it made her feel mature, young, and careless simultaneously. 

Fragrance as Healing and Creative

After her divorce from her husband of 15 years, Lim discovered the healing properties of fragrance during the time, enlightening her on how scent can appeal to one’s feelings and way of being. It would not be long before soon-to-be business partner Ben Bennett would approach Lim, asking the fashionista for help with relaunching Phlur.

As the new owner and creative director of Phlur, Lim transformed the brand, adding her own stylish flair to the new fragrances that launch every month. And, true to her word, Chriselle uses her influence from social media to illustrate the interconnectedness of fragrance and fashion.

Tashon Daley | Contributing Writer

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