Lyzabeth Lopez – Maintaining Fitness as a Lifestyle

With an extensive 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, from personal trainer to nutritionist and now boutique gym owner, Lyzabeth Lopez is an award-winning personal trainer who has spearheaded more than 50,000 client transformations. 

The accomplished trainer won many titles over the years and has been chosen as the cover model for various publications. She was featured in Cosmopolitan, Muscle & Fitness, and even BNN Bloomberg as an entrepreneur. If that’s not enough recognition, Lyzabeth was listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 10 Fitness Influencers in the world, and labelled as the best personal trainer in Toronto on BlogTO

It wasn’t without grit that Lopez landed where she is today. After struggling with a debilitating eating disorder for several years, experiencing unhealthy weight fluctuations, and extreme bloating, she continued to educate herself by obtaining a plethora of certifications and diplomas in Personal Training, Fitness, Coaching, Kinesiology, Health Sciences, and many more. But it wasn’t until she went on to attend the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist where she found the perfect solution: The right combination of compound exercises, and the right balance of nutrition left her feeling energetic, youthful, and lean without having to deprive herself of any calories.  

This additional training gave her leverage over other personal trainers. Her holistic approach to well-being and her understanding of how fitness intersects with many areas of life is what sets her program apart from the rest. She embeds this mentality in her training program to provide her clients with the best possible wellness journey. 

Today, her mantra is simple. Lopez believes in maintaining fitness as a lifestyle and not just a series of workouts to get one to where they want to be. By committing to the lifestyle, one will continue to embrace their health journey long after they’ve reached their goals. 

Moreover, Lopez emphasizes the important role that nutrition plays in fitness. For example, her Toronto training program called “The Hourglass Workout,” which is designed to help women become healthy and build beautiful curves, offers all members tailored meal plans based on holistic and balanced foods. She understands that everyone’s journey is different, so she even provides alternative meal plan options for those who are Vegan, Vegetarian, have a Hyperthyroid, and for those who are bulking. 

While fitness and nutrition are crucial to sustaining a healthy lifestyle, Lopez isn’t afraid to take it one step further. Considering the powerful impact of community and recognizing that giving and receiving support from like-minded individuals helps motivate members who are going through similar health and wellness experiences, Lopez introduced an Active Community Board for members of her program so that they could interact and message one another about their fitness journeys. Just because your own friends and family may not be joining you, doesn’t mean that maintaining an active lifestyle has to be a lonely journey. 

Additionally, Lopez is known for showcasing client transformation photos side by side to document their results after taking part in her fitness programs. The idea is to celebrate how far they have come while inspiring others to reach their own goals. Over the years, she has showcased countless success stories. Her client transformations became so influential that she even created a certification program on the “Hourglass Workout” and after taking the course, many transformation winners went on to become trainers themselves, opening more Hourglass Workout Studios. Currently there are 15 Gyms, but Lyzabeth assures fans that the number will only continue to grow.

Beyond her training programs, Lyzabeth ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by growing her social media presence to over 196,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her social channels provide value for viewers by sharing workout tips, healthy recipes and mini vlogs.  

Lyzabeth’s remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to women of all ages. Her past reveals that dieting is never the answer. There are ways to look and feel confident without subjecting oneself to calorie restrictions. Just as there are ways to become stronger and increase energy levels. In fact, Lyzabeth’s success story is living proof that no matter what insecurity you are struggling with, there is always hope for transformation. However, the initial step towards finding the light at the end of the tunnel is learning to love and care for your body and well-being, above all else. 

Jackie Marson | Contributing Writer

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