The Definitive Suit Style Guide for Women


Spring 2024

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A stylish suit makes a woman exude power. Granted, in our day and age, many women might not know where to dress in a suit apart from the office. Nevertheless, many women are increasingly seen wearing suits, even in churches.

If you can’t find the perfect match, we selected a few trendy styles. From the boardroom to happy hour retreats, here is an assortment of suits with specialized tailoring that will bring out your inner fashionista.

J. Crew Straight Leg Pant and Regent Blazer 

J. Crew has reinvented the classic look of a blazer and pants by modeling the pants with a perfect fit. The Kate straight-leg Regent pants suit has the perfect length and is complemented by a Regent blazer with stretchy fabric. It comes in navy, black, and pink and is made from 65 percent polyester, 31 percent viscose, and 5 percent elastane. 

Alice + Olivia Breanne Blazer

Known for putting playful twists on classic silhouettes, the Alice + Olivia classic blazer suit exemplifies elegance. You can always play around with the elegant ensemble; instead of opting for a simple blazer and pants, go for a blazer and a skirt. The blazer is fashionable enough to match any sleek skirt. Besides elongating the legs, it will also keep you cool in higher temperatures. The classic blazer comes in two colours: indigo and off-white. It is made of 64 percent polyester, 33 percent viscose, and 3 percent elastane.

Argent Belted Blazer

If you do not want to look formal all the time, you can always wear a belted blazer with relaxed-fit pants to jazz up your look. Nothing spells a laid-back attitude like this classic suit ensemble. Comfortable yet trendy, wearing this ensemble, whether on a casual evening or an informal occasion, makes for a unique head-turning opportunity. 

M.M. LaFleur The Horton Pant

The M.M. LaFleur Horton suit Pants might initially seem like a splurge, but it is well worth it. Unlike other wool suits, it is lined with fashionable pants and matching blazers. You will love the way the pants drape with the matching blazers. The suit comes in a variety of different colours, such as black, camel, galaxy-blue, white, and lilac. 

 Suit Shop Women’s Black Suit

This elegant pantsuit has all the hallmarks of traditional blazers with contemporary details. Ever special, it has slant pockets in the legs along with a top-notch lapel on the blazer’s collar. The pantsuit is dressy enough for a formal outing without being too overbearing for the office. It is made of 38 percent recycled polyester and 19 percent rayon. 

Favourite Daughter The Favourite Blazer

Super comfy, this pantsuit is made of a high-quality fabric blend that’s extra comfortable. Its structured tailoring makes for fashionable set ensembles; to top it all off, it includes a vest. That’s why wearing this three-piece suit would look just as great at the office or on a casual occasion. 

Everlane The Way-High Drape Pant

A pleasure to wear the Everlane designer suit is lightweight and breathable. Its appearance exudes the 80s style. The high-rise pants include two side pockets that allow you to carry everyday essentials like your phone and wallet. Made from cotton and tencel lyocell, it comes in a variety of colours like black, brown, navy, sandstone, and others, which makes you wonder what’s not to love about it. 

A.L.C Anderson Cropped Tuxedo Jacket

Elegance has gained a whole new meaning with this stylish yet trendy classic jacket. If you are not meticulous or cautious about size and proportions, this classic suit will accentuate your look. It has a teaming boxy style, a cropped jacket, and sleek wide-leg cargo-style trousers. It is made of polyester, viscose, and elastane.  

What to Look for in a Classic Suit

It can be daunting to choose the right suit because women’s bodies vary in shape. That’s why size and fit must be your main focus when selecting a suit. Other factors like colour, fabric, pattern, and price are secondary.

Fit: It’s important to ensure that the suit fits you perfectly. You wouldn’t want the trousers’ waistline to be a tad too big or the blazer’s shoulders to be sagging. Granted, finding the perfect size can initially be challenging. That’s why it is important to have your measurements in place. After trying the suit in the fitting room, try raising your arms or bending to make sure that it is comfortable to move in.

Style: Because they come in many colour variations and sizes, suits are a great way to showcase your personality. The style options are endless; from loose linen trousers to low- and high-rise pants, there are so many options to choose from. Before you go on a whim, keep in mind where you want to wear it and for what purpose.

Price: Sometimes, purchasing a suit with matching pants and a blazer might be pricey. If you are on a budget, you can match the blazer and pants with similar colours or choose to mix and match your ensemble. It’s also wise to consider how often you will wear the suit; it wouldn’t make sense to pay a fortune for a suit that is not practical.  

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer

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