5 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands of 2022


Spring 2024

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The mantra of 2022 should be, “if you like it, wear it.” If Harry Styles posing on the cover of Vogue wearing a Gucci dress didn’t give you the confidence to wear whatever you want, then hopefully, these revolutionary gender-fluid brands will.

Phluid Project founder Rob Smith shared at a WWD event that 56 per cent of Gen Zers shop outside their assigned gender, and with buying power of $143 billion, they lead the pack. Though style symbols like David Bowie and Prince defied gender barriers long before Gen Zers did, androgynous fashion is hitting the market now more than ever. Let’s be real, being confined to only one side of the store is boring anyway.

Here at Elixuer, we believe fashion should be an illustration of who you are. And these gender-neutral brands think so too!

  1. Pangaia

“Pan” meaning all-inclusive, and “Gaia” meaning Mother Earth, Pangaia is a bio-based clothing brand offering livable, durable pieces. The colourful unisex brand celebrates the understated look suggestive of off-duty celebrities. The FRUTFIBER™ T-Shirt is a soft, lightweight piece made from bamboo, pineapple, and banana food waste, available in four colours — our favourite being sand. Pair it with the matching FRUTFIBER™ Sand Shorts for a complete, relaxed, and polished look.

The self-proclaimed “timeless, not trendy” clothing brand offers “uniforms”, core style pieces that make getting dressed in the morning effortless. Although the website lists women’s and men’s clothing separately, the designers at Alex Mill believe their pieces defy genders. The Short Sleeve Popover in Striped Portuguese Poplin is a classic European staple. Tucked in, buttoned-down, or even a bit rumpled, this versatile shirt is a vacation must-have.

This leading athleisure brand is easily one of the most recognizable labels both on and off the field. Adidas’s fashionable yet functional, gender-neutral collection gives minimalistic and monochromatic vibes without losing its sport-inspired roots. Adidas continues to create comfortable, high-fashion pieces, and we are here for it! The unisex fan-favourite Heavyweight Shmoofoil Utility Pants feature unobtrusive side pockets to elevate the look of regular sweatpants to streetwear.

The Los Angeles-based company specializes in unisex clothing for the everyday, not-so-average fashionista. The standout brand is best known for its vintage-inspired workwear jumpsuits in ethically sourced, 100 per cent cotton twill offered in an array of bold colours and patterns. The Short Sleeve Sage Green Jumpsuit is available in sizes XXS to 6XL. The even more delightful part is the interest-free payment plans offered by the brand. The inclusive brand creates clothes without gender in mind, and who doesn’t love a jumpsuit?

The California-inspired brand PacSun designs gender-neutral wear in varying aesthetics, from simple colour blocks and intricate geometric patterns to bold graphics and everything in-between. The latest collection, “Women Are Powerful,” is a graphic take on classic wardrobe pieces. The positive messages on the statement-making clothing are something both men and women can sport without hesitation. Want to elevate the look from comfy to chic? Add a white collared shirt under the ONE DNA Women Are Powerful Crew Neck Sweatshirt for a more refined look.

Brooke Parker | Staff Writer

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