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Summer 2024

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If you’ve got the money to spend on luxury clothing, you might as well not skimp on the luxury accessories to match them. On the flipside, maybe you’re looking to sneak an expensive accessory or two into your collection of affordable garments. Either way, a few charming accessories never hurt anyone. They can seriously take a blah outfit and elevate it. Here are some high-end accessories that could add a little spice to your wardrobe. 

Deborah Pagani Hair Objet Hair Pin – $155

In the realm of luxury hair pins, we have pins from the Deborah Pagani Hair Objet Collection. $155 might seem excessive for a hair pin, but this product should not be overlooked. This is the only hair pin you’d need. It’s strong enough to hold together a variety of updos. Seriously, it won’t break. It’s made of metal. Plus, it’s no fuss to use. The dual-pronged design slides effortlessly into your hair at any angle. Pick one of many styles to suit your taste, including iridescent and pearl-embellished.

Alexander McQueen Card Holder – $320

Hold your bank cards and IDs in style. Pulling out an Alexander McQueen cardholder—especially the elegant emerald, crocodile skin-style variety—is sure to make a statement. Characterized by the iconic McQueen skull in gold or silver metal decorating the front, these leather cardholders mix high-end fashion with practicality.

Alexander McQueen Pearl-Like Skull Chain Bracelet – $470

Bulky chain links in an antique gold finish circle toward interchanging imitation Swarovski pearls and metal skulls. This Alexander McQueen bracelet is classy with a Gothic touch. You’ll want to wear it loud and proud on your wrist. It’s fancy enough to come along with you to formal, professional settings—but also cool enough to accessorize your streetwear looks.

Karl Lagerfeld K/Kloud Metallic Top Handle – $469

Flip this purse vertically and you’ll notice something. It resembles the letter ‘K,’ standing for the designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Quilted waves give the reflective silver surfaces a pillowy appearance. The front and back are distinguished by radiant, puffy diamond shapes. But this handbag isn’t all dramatic design. It’s an appropriate size for carrying everything you need to survive the day, and the removable crossbody strap gives you the option to transform this luxury bag into an everyday staple.

Karl Lagerfeld Karl Logo ADV Sunglasses – $159

We’d always recommend protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, and why not do so in style? These sunglasses are a bold and fun choice for someone who’s comfortable standing out in a crowd. Square see-through frames surround translucent lenses that come in unconventional shades like lime green, orange, and blue.

Burberry Statue Print Silk Scarf – $280

Here’s an accessory for the sculpture fan. This 100 percent silk scarf is printed with images that are meant to depict statutes in a sculpture garden. Coming in either pastel pink or black, drawings of ivory cherubs, deer, and swans surround the likeness of the statue of Anteros, the Greek god of requited love, as found in London’s Piccadilly Circus. The winged god balances on a single foot, frozen in the moments after shooting an arrow of love.

Dolce & Gabbana Printed Canvas Shopper – $1,780

Practical and pretty, this Dolce & Gabbana printed canvas shopper can go with you everywhere in life. The wide floral-print tote bag doesn’t ruin any setting it occupies—and the polka dot-lined interior is roomy. Durable leather straps support sturdy canvas. Throw some beach towels inside and use it as a beach bag, fill it with your weekend shopping, or bring it along to the office. This bag makes sense anywhere. Choose between a pink carnation and red poppy print.

Versace Crystal Bloom Ring – $850

This is one show-stopping ring! Colourful crystal flowers and shimmering green leaves span three spiked metal layers, looking a lot like a thriving garden trellis. Add this ring to your most sophisticated outfits or let it take centre stage by keeping your outfit simple. You don’t need to reserve this tiny gemstone garden for special occasions only.

Chanel Mini Flap Bag – $7,275

A classic Chanel handbag isn’t holding much more than the bare minimum. Don’t expect to squeeze a water bottle and fully stocked makeup bag into a typical Chanel handbag. And the mini flap bag is even more limited on space! Choose this bag mostly if you want to make a statement. There’s no mistaking the style. Your peers will recognize that four-fold blocky bag suspended from a chain-link strap, even before they see the clasp of golden back-to-back overlapping C’s—and they’ll know you can afford the best.

Jacob Carmichael | Staff Writer

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