How to Improve Your Relationship with Others


Spring 2024

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Whether you are dating, living with your parents, or want to improve your relationship with friends and work colleagues building positive relationships with others will make you happier, fulfilled, connected, and supported. After all, one of the most important experiences we have in life is based on our relationship with other people.

Granted, at times there might be friction, and it is not always easy to maintain a positive relationship with others. Consider a few tips to help you develop positive, healthy relationships.

Your Partner

Love is a powerful emotion; when our hearts are filled with love, we have the power to be patient, empathetic, kind, and gentle. However, it is not always easy to love and feel loved. Physical intimacy alone is not the only way to establish a healthy relationship. The key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your partner is based on what you do throughout the year, not only on a single day or occasion. Staying connected is another way to strengthen your relationship. Relationship experts agree that there is no substitute for quality time. Scheduling a date during the week or devoting 15 minutes a day for a heart-to-heart chat without distractions like children and TV is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

Your Parents

Thousands of self-help books are published every year about improving relationships with parents and family members. Nevertheless, friction will undoubtedly arise. It is easy to find fault in others but difficult to find fault in yourself. To establish a better relationship with your parents, look for the good in them; this will make you fix your mind to think in a non-judgmental way. Put yourself in their place; how would it make you feel if you were constantly judged? It would make you feel bad; similarly, try not to judge everything your parents do. They are imperfect and are bound to make mistakes; keeping an open mind and accepting who they are will help you maintain peaceful relationships. Finally, show your parents that you love them by doing small things; little acts of appreciation speak volumes.

Your Friends

Friends make life enjoyable; they can also act as confidants to help you vent your fears and frustrations. Strong friendships are built on honesty and communication. For example, express your feelings honestly when conflicts arise with your friends. If you bottled up those feelings, you are more likely to harbour resentment. Another way to forge a strong bond with your friends is by expressing love in small ways. Treat your friends to ice cream or send them a card if they are ill to reassure them of your love. Embarking on new adventures and experiences together is another way to create memories, so go ahead and plan a trip together or eat out at a restaurant on the weekend.

Work Colleagues

Building a great work relationship with your co-workers or team is the key to success. The power of professional relationships can help you thrive. Knowing what you need from your colleagues includes understanding their strengths and weaknesses and doing what it takes to support them. Another key is being a good listener. Listening to what your teammates say and responding appropriately fosters a constructive work environment. Gossip and office politics can ruin trust; avoid talking behind your colleagues’ backs. If you have an issue, confront your colleague directly; this reduces friction and fosters a successful work environment. Finally, it is essential to set clear boundaries; too much socializing can negatively affect your personal and professional relationships. 

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer 

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