Blue is Trending: How to Rock This Bold Colour


Spring 2024

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Like fashion, beauty trends are cyclical. This means that styles and colours come in and out of popularity, and this is absolutely true for the colour blue. Last seen as a staple in the 90s and early 2000s, blue is making a strong comeback in the makeup world. 

Despite fuzzy-peach being named Pantone’s colour of the year for 2024, Pinterest has named 2024 the year of “Blue Beauty” after experiencing a significant uptick in searches for blue makeup inspiration. The challenge is that blue is a bold colour, and it’s easy for blue makeup to go wrong. So, here are some tips on how you can incorporate this trending colour into your makeup routine. 

Starting with the Basics 

Before we even get to blue itself, let’s talk about how to complement a blue look. For starters, blue eye makeup is what’s currently trending. 

As for the rest of the face, a neutral base will complement a blue eye look best. Sticking to lipstick, blush and all other makeup that simply enhances your natural features without drawing focus away from the eyes is the best way to rock this look. Additionally, if you’re struggling to find a shade of blush that looks natural and won’t make you look like a clown, colours like coral or peach are perfect complimentary colours to a blue look.

In terms of blue, there isn’t one particular shade that’s trending. Rather, it’s best to pick the shade of blue based on the overall look that you’re going for. You can choose from pastels, to denim, to cobalt, to aquamarine, and you can wear them subtly, or as a bold smokey eye, it’s really up to you.

An Easy First Step: Mascara 

If you’re feeling hesitant to embrace blue, then perhaps starting with blue mascara won’t feel too far out of your comfort zone. Blue mascara, usually available in a cobalt blue, can be paired with a neutral look to add a pop of colour. As a note, if you’re going to wear blue mascara, it’s not recommended that you wear blue eyeshadow as well, as doing this can make your eyelashes blend in with your eyelids. 

A Bit of a Bolder Choice: Eyeliner 

For those who still only want a small pop of colour, eyeliner is the perfect choice. You can use it to simply line the eyes or apply it on the waterline. Doing this can especially complement brown eyes and make them pop. 

If you’re looking for more of a bold look, don’t count eyeliner out as an option. You can use it all over the eyelid on its own, blending it out to create a really strong look, or apply it underneath eyeshadow to really make any blue eyeshadow placed on top stand out. 

For Those Unafraid to Experiment: Eyeshadow 

While eyeliner and mascara can help you get into the look, eyeshadow is where you can really start to experiment. If you’re looking for something more casual, then lighter, pastel blues are in order. They can be applied lightly to the inner corners of the lids, or all over the lids, and add a pop without standing out too much. Of course, the texture of the eyeshadow is up to you, and matte blue is certainly on trend. 

If you’re looking for more of a nighttime look, you can really go for a strong, dark smoky blue. When applied all over the lid, blue can make a really strong statement. Paired with black eyeliner and black mascara and you’ll have the perfect grunge look for a night out on the town. 

Since blues pair well with a lot of other colours, especially neutrals like browns, taupe, and golds, you can blend your eyeshadow out with these colours to determine the boldness of your look. 

For the Truly Tentative: Nail Polish 

If you’re really unsure if you want to wear blue makeup, you can make a small nod to the trend by wearing blue nail polish in the shade of your choice. As we head into warmer weather, brighter colours, including blue, are perfect to complement the season. 

Lily Frances | Staff Writer

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