7 Chic Alternative Clothing Boutiques in the GTA to Check Out


Spring 2024

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Fashion is constantly evolving; it is on an endless search for what’s new or what it perceives as trendy. Alternative fashion outfits stand out; they are different from designer brands, which usually go out of style every other season.

A new breed of stores across the GTA is presenting alternative fashion styles that you do not necessarily see on the runways. The global fashion scene is still dominated by luxury brands with designer names and seasonal collections that not everybody likes or can afford. After almost two years of lockdown, alternative clothing is emerging as a fashionable choice to expensive brand name labels. 

If you are looking for a stylish outfit, consider supporting one of these chic alternative clothing boutiques in the GTA.


Thursdays is an independent boutique located near Yonge and Summerhill. It carries a remarkable selection of cashmere, comfortable basics, and other accessories. The boutique is created and operated by a mother-brother-daughter trio and has clothes for all ages with an inclusive selection of practical and stylish outfits. The store’s motto is “Thursdays and Every Other Day,” meaning they bring their newest inventory on Thursdays with bountiful collections for Monday through Sunday.

6 By Gee Beauty 

With a special collection of long-lasting and classic timeless pieces, 6 by Gee Beauty carries Canadian-made fashion brands. The small yet mighty boutique sells scented candles, glamorous dresses, fragrances, and unique gems. Ever committed to sustainability, the store is dedicated to selling and designing pieces with a sustainable and meaningful footprint. If you want to purchase a unique gift for a friend or loved one, look out for their customizable fragrance bottles, which you can inscribe with any name or message of your choice.

The Narwhal Boutique 

The Narwhal boutique caters to women with a strong sense of style and a love of contemporary fashion. With an ever-expanding collection of clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and jewellery, visiting this store is like touring an art gallery or artist showroom. With a unique collection of clothes and fashion accessories, the store doesn’t carry many trendy pieces that last for one season. Instead, most of its fashionable pieces are designed to last, making the higher prices worth it.

Chance & Fate

Chance & Fate carries unique pieces that cater to women who feel that their sense of style makes them exude confidence. Featuring a fantastic collection of outfits from Scandinavia, Europe, and L.A., most of their outfits are ethically manufactured, guaranteeing high quality. If you shop online and live in the GTA, you can take advantage of their same-day delivery and personal shopping program with free shipping across Canada.


The Queen West boutique store features timeless, high-quality Indie fashion collections from independent designers. Established in 2007, FAWN has prided itself on the best Indie fashion with collections from renowned Canadian designers. Each season FAWN brings pieces that inspire women to look and feel their best. All their collections have a timeless design that includes artful details with durable fabrics manufactured ethically. 

Posh Boutique

Offering a diverse selection of fabrics, textiles, artful prints, and designs, Posh Boutique has graced the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto since 1989. With various beautiful, original styles and excellent quality outfits that cater to women of all shapes and sizes, the store carries brands that use sustainable materials for an eco-friendly planet. 

Poor Little Rich Girl

Located in Midtown Toronto, Poor Little Rich Girl (PLRG) combines uptown sensibility with an urban edge. Their merchandise collection includes everyday casual outfits with original band t-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts. If you are a fan of music legends like the Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Duran Duran, you will undoubtedly find a unique selection of outfits. The boutique also carries an impressive assortment of accessories and jewellery to complement your personal collection.

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer 

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